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kkbatta Jun 25th 2017 12:55 PM

FS: july 15th and 16th ridge motorsport motorcycle trackday with Keigwins
Keigwins is biggest motorcycle trackday provider in nor-cal and this year they have decided to have one at Ridge Motorsport park on July 15th and July16th 2017 weekend.
I am a Keigwins VIP pass holder which means I can Ride/Sell my pass to anyone if I cannot make it to the event. I am from San Jose and I will not be able to make to this event.
I am selling my VIP pass for July 15th and July16th for $180 each day or $360 for both days.
You can sign up for any group that fits fits your skill. Keigwins have three group starting with B- (usually first timers and folks getting used to track), B+ (Folks who have been to track and know the layout and are usually faster ), A(Advanced /expert riders )

After buying my pass if you are not able to make to track due to unforeseen issues, you can resell the pass to any one interested. But make sure you bike doesn't fail tech inspection at track because Keigwins@track are really strict when it comes to safety of riders.

You can sign up to ride ANY group that fits your skill.
Free pics by .... a special from Keigwins this year! Usually these awesome pics by Dito cost you about $100 a day, so its like you get $200 worth for free pics for both days. He makes you look hella fast.
You can contact keigwins to confirm about me @

pm me if interested or txt me at 8584446310

I am active on Bayarea riders forum and riders have been buying my vip passes with high confidence in bay area (refer BARF - Bay Area Riders Forum.. look for kkbatta)

Modes of Payment accepted : Paypal/Venmo/Chase-quickpay/Wells-surepay.

BabyJordan Jun 27th 2017 02:46 PM

Hands down, best track day org to ride with!!!! They know how to run a fun track day

Someone should pick this up

kkbatta Jun 28th 2017 08:30 AM

My Tickets are sold but i will keep the Ad on as couple of my buddies still have the tickets.

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