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Mar 3rd 2017, 07:14 PM   #1
  Jan 2016
  Newcastle, WA

  1995 Suzuki Katana
Gear check! Your last get off

Thought this might get some interesting results and information over time about gear. General idea and most of the content shamelessly pilfered off of an Aussie moto website.

Whether it happened on track, street or trail, share your crash details, experiences and results of how well your gear did.

Get-off details

Travelling Slow-ish/Quick-ish?

Surface construction/condition?

Hit the ground Light/Heavy?

Once on the ground I Slid/Tumbled how far?

What gear were you wearing?

How well did your gear hold up?

Did it in your opinion save your ass?

What would you recommend or warn other riders about any of the gear you were wearing?
Mar 3rd 2017, 07:50 PM   #2
 Seattlesucks's Avatar
  Feb 2017
  Your mom's house

Going about... eh... fast. Had to brake hard, kinda stood up to decompress the jewels and grabbed another handful of brake when something startled me like a dumbass and went superman. Last thing I saw before hitting the ground was my bike doing a front flip. I'll never forget that site.

Warm dry day, warm dry pavement.

I hit the ground pretty hard. Felt like getting ear holed super hard in football. Sucked.

Slid and tumbled 5 ever. Ground-sky-ground-sky-ground-sky sliiiiiiiiide repeat. Felt like it went on for 5 minutes.

Was wearing a nylon jacket with ce armor, bell helmet, fieldsheer kangaroo skin track gloves, icon jeans with the layer of Kevlar in the knee and fieldsheer touring boots.

Helmet did fine. No head trauma and the full-face was worn flat right where my teeth would have been.

Jacket did okay. It protected my elbows for a bit, rode up while I was sliding feet first. Ended up with 3 square feet of rash and some abrasions but would have been much worse without it. Jacket was shredded and melted up. The zipper was melted together and had to be pulled apart by a couple guys.

Jeans saved my knee, but left me with a 6" hole exposing the entire knee joint and a bunch of misc hamburger. No worse damage to the knee itself because of that Kevlar layer, just a flesh wound. Knee first from a speeding motorcycle is not how you want to spend your day.

Gloves fucking exploded at the seams on the palm of my left hand. Pretty deep abrasions there, but would have been much worse without them.

Boots clearly saved my ass. Great boots. They had lots of places where they did their job but we're still mostly usable.

Overall my gear saved my ass. Anymore I try to wear heavier gloves, always wear a leather jacket, and if I'm doing any spirited riding I wear pants with armor. Won't touch an open face helmet even if I'm on a cruiser.

3 days in the hospital and 3 months of physical therapy. Took me 2 years to feel normal again.

Oh and I almost forgot... my backpack! That thing saved me more than anything else. Dakine snowboard pack. It's all melted to shit with straps missing and I still use it a bunch.

Broke the tip of my left thumb, bruised a kidney, dislocated a rib, tons of rash, the knee.

Also noteworthy was the hilariously cliche good cop bad cop interrogation while I was going into shock.
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Mar 3rd 2017, 08:31 PM   #3
 307T's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Washington County

Will skip the details. Overview: Auditioned as a hood ornament for a commercial truck that ran a stop sign. Significant injuries.

ATG: Full coverage helmet, leather jacket, pants, gloves and boots.

There is a trauma scale that is used to determine a patient's likelihood of survival. It is a number that sums the cumulative total of type and location of injury. The takeaway in my case was that any additional injuries such as gravel rash or similar injuries that would, by themselves, be painful but not fatal, would have resulted in my death. The bottom line here is "CUMULATIVE." So...wear all that stuff. ATGATT is not just an annoying nag.
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Mar 4th 2017, 01:31 AM   #4
 Thumperpilot's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  SV650S, CRF450R, and others
Hitting pavement

I already wrote about my high side on the other site (i hope to never repeat it). You can read it here:Oyster un-run 2015 | PNW Riders

All my gear worked excellent except my Sidi boots. They didn't keep my ankle from folding in all 4 directions...
My Chatterbox was flawless; my Contour Roam had only a scratch. I was easily tossed 20 - 30 feet away from my bike.
I heartily endorse:
Bell helmets,
Dainese leathers,
and moto sliders.
Last, but not least, the Whatcom Medic One ambulance crew, (ankle surgeon) Dr Kieseau, and...
the girls at Bellingham Physical Therapy.
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Mar 4th 2017, 08:57 AM   #5
  Jan 2016

  2011 Triumph Daytona 675, 1975 Honda CB550K1
January 2012, I had my bike for about a month and just couldn't stay off the thing, so any hint of dry pavement, I'd try to sneak in a ride. I'd just stopped in for a haircut and was about to head home at about 7 pm. It was 39 degrees out. It was about a week or two after the big snow and ice storm that left a mess behind on the road, so the lanes were clear but the medians and shoulders were sketchy. I turned left out of the parking lot into the center lane, did my mirror and shoulder checks, and began to ease up to speed. Got into second, as I initiated my lane change into traffic, my heart dropped as I heard the revs spike and the bike whip out from under me, no time to react. It barrel rolled me midair so I landed face down to the right with my right arm under me.
The gear: Shoei RF1100, second hand A* ATL jacket, second hand A* short gloves, second hand A* waterproof boots, Levi's jeans(squiddily-Doo!).
Was only going about 20 or 30 when it happened, so got a little rash on my wrists where the gloves and jacket didn't cover, rug burned my knees when the jeans rode up, a sharp rock from the asphalt cut a hole in my jeans/right knee, the impact of the fall swelled my knees up like grapefruits, and I jammed my toe in my boot, so the toenail eventually fell off. All superficial injuries due to the gear I did have on.
Because I landed face first, the jawline and visor were trashed on the helmet. Insurance got me a new one thankfully. I too will never ride open faced after that. I would have had abrasions and probably broken face bones, the way I fell. The gloves fared OK, but didn't protect my wrists at all, I now wear gauntlets year around. The jeans only tore because of the sharp pebble, probably because they didn't stay in place and ripped off the skin below my knee ecaps. I still wear the jacket and boots, they held up well, just some minor battle scars. When I commute, I do still wear jeans, but I wear some of those motocross knee/shin protectors underneath. It isn't the best, but I figure it'll lend some protection of my joints in the event of another get off. I now have A* leather pants to zip to my jacket when I'm not commuting.

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Mar 6th 2017, 05:27 AM   #6
 FZ1Mike's Avatar
  Sep 2016

  2005 Fz1 The Fazer
Last July. 1984 night hawk S. I still wasn't very experienced at the time. I was oblivious to how bad drivers were. I wasn't as defensive or aggressive as I should be. I never practiced my hard braking and swerving techniques. Anyways. Freemont Seattle. Oncoming hipster in a jeep renegade resides to gun a left turn just as I'm entering the intersection. I panicked. Tried to break and swerve at the same time. I kind of side swiped his back door. My front tire caught on something and ejected me off the bike. Narrowly missing the jeep I super manned through the air landing on my knees then hitting my head and tumbling to a stop. I was wearing gear except for my jeans and tennis shoes.
When I impacted it ripped my flesh apart in my knees.
Couldn't walk for a week and have some gnarly scars. But I got 26,500$ plus medical expenses for my troubles.

I learned a lot from that accident. I now wear full gear. And practicing braking and swerving regularly. I also am much more aware of everything. If that were to happen again I would see him a mile out and know he was going to do that. Or at the very least I would be able to avoid the crash.
Mar 6th 2017, 06:57 AM   #7
 alienbogey's Avatar
  Feb 2016
  Gig Harbor

Long time ago. Moto-camping fishing trip in the mountains, lots of gear on the tail of the bike and I wasn't thinking about it's effect on handling. Young & poor, wearing 3/4 helmet and long underwear, jeans, about 5 sweatshirts plus nylon jacket for the cold and random non-moto gloves.

I'm riding at a not much over PSL pace through twisty mountain roads slowly getting colder and more numb. At 50-55 in a climbing left hander I let the bike drift from the left track to the oily center of the lane. The front tire washed out into a low side.

It was one of those events where time truly slowed way down and I remember it clearly as yesterday. I saw the front tire start to go, w...a....t....c.....h.....e.....d it sliding out from under, f.....e.....l......t the bike leaning past recovery, and had time for two relatively calm clear thoughts:

1. There is nothing at all I can do to save this

2. This is really going to hurt

Then I hit the pavement with a slam on the left side of the helmet and time resumed normal speed as the bike slid away from me ("That's good" I remember thinking), then I shut my eyes for the remainder of the sliding and tumbling.

Opened them in the ditch, got up and took inventory. I think I did more tumbling than sliding because although all the cotton was worn through in various places I had very little rash. Sore knee and elbow. Big gash in side of helmet.

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Mar 6th 2017, 05:15 PM   #8
 That One Guy's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Get-off details - August 2015, turn 4 at PIR, in the rain, highsided.

Travelling Slow-ish/Quick-ish? - I don't know, I don't look at the speedo on the track, 50ish?

Surface construction/condition? - PIR, Wet

Hit the ground Light/Heavy? - Hit the ground hard.

Once on the ground I Slid/Tumbled how far? - Slid to the end of the dragons teeth.

What gear were you wearing? - Full Alpinestars leather and SP gloves, Tryonic back protector, Shoei RF 1200

How well did your gear hold up? - Leathers held up excellent, still wear them on the street, helmet and back protector were toast.

Did it in your opinion save your ass? - Absolutely.

What would you recommend or warn other riders about any of the gear you were wearing? - They all did remarkably well and I'd recommended all of the above.

I've previously only come off in textile on the street, and there is a big difference in this area. You get what you pay for, don't skimp.
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Mar 6th 2017, 09:56 PM   #9
 WarpShatner7's Avatar
  Jan 2016

A few years ago, V-Strom 650, daily 20mi evening commute. November, it was light when I left and I didn't adjust my riding style as it got dark, so that's lesson one.

Most accidents, as one version of the saying goes, occur within a mile of the home and that's exactly where I was. And what I wasn't watching for in the fading light was that oatmeal in the road: you know the stuff, November mush composed of the season's wet leaves mulched by tires. I was leaned steadily over in a long curve pushing the bar end with the heel of my left hand to hold it there and my right hand just hanging at my side.

And then I'm wondering why I'm sliding backward down the road on my left shoulder. Apparently my rear tire had gone into the sludge while I was leaned over and the bike just twirled around and laid itself on the pavement and me with it, still about 30mph but now backward and sideways. I don't remember any impact. Total damage: Textile padded jacket abraded away on the left upper arm where there's no armor, Carolina engineer boot scraped pretty deep on that side. Big chunk of bike plastic scraped deeply, lost both indicators on that side and the bar end torn out and the brush guard hanging off.

So, gentle as fuck really. Bike repair costs well under 200 bucks including a new panel, switched to Wesco boots from Scappoose costing way more than that. Still have several textile jackets, probably should buy leathers.
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Mar 6th 2017, 10:59 PM   #10
 Squidly's Avatar
  Jan 2016

I don't want to do a full write-up, but I will say that through all my on-track crashes my AGV Sport pants have held up a lot better than my Dianese jacket.
Mar 7th 2017, 05:47 AM   #11
 galenernest's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Honda CBF190R and Shineray X6
I low-sided at about 60mph in a right-hand sweeper of an off ramp about five or six years ago. I was wearing a Pilot leather jacket, a cheap yellow helmet and snowboarding pants. I still wear my leather jacket, which has a few holes in the shoulder from the crash. The snowboarding pants were ruined. No injuries or rash to report.

My shoulder took the majority of the impact, then it was a simple slide with one or two tumbles until I came to a graceful rest. The Pilot jacket has built-in armor, which I'm sure saved me from some pain and bruises. For some reason, my legs weren't hurt at all, more or less having just dangled along for the ride. I don't recommend snowboard or ski gear for motorcycles, but in this case things seemed to have worked out.

EDIT: 7 years ago. I found crash pictures.

Me freaking out because I just realized that I wouldn't make the upcoming track day:

Bike (it was upside down before we pulled it from the shrubberies)

Crash scene:

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Mar 7th 2017, 06:49 AM   #12
 Sentinel's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Harlequin
Originally Posted by galenernest
... snowboarding pants.
I rode with snowboard pants over jeans for a while. actually they were made of the same material a lot of "motorcycle" pants are made from, and they were heavier than some motorcycle pants I have worn. they lacked knee "armor" but were otherwise indistinguishable from moto pants. i crashed in them on the highway along the water in Port Orchard by that "restaurant" building that is forever in some state of "opening"/repair/abandonment. went down at 70 or 75 mph and slid a long way. my "shipyard life support system" i.e., backpack, actually saved my whole dorsal surface from any damage. i recommend wearing a nice tight backpack with a waist strap at all times. it totally made a difference.
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Mar 7th 2017, 09:09 AM   #13
 CpjMech's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Bonney Lake

  '99 Baby KLR, '03 R6-track '05 FZ6, '07 Sprint ST
End of March 2013 on SR162 just outside of South Prairie, low sided at a decent clip on a right hand sweeper on my '07 675 Daytona - road was dry and clean but cool.

Let go of the bike when I hit the ground and it crossed the road to the outside of the corner and blew through the guard rail ($3477.35 yes WSDOT came after me for that).

I somehow ended up on my belly and slid Superman style arms first into the same guard rail but about 20 feet down from where the bike hit and bounced off of about 6 or 8 of the wood pylons that support the guard rail.

I was wearing my 8-10 year old First Gear textile/leather jacket and pants, A* short gloves, Arai Quantum helmet and Sidi boots. The gear all performed awesome, no actual road rash (there was a small heat burn on my right knee and right forearm from the leather getting super hot while sliding), boots held up great and I still wear them to this day and helmet took some rash but no head trauma other than a fat lip and my glasses were pretty well bent to hell.

All the gear in the world couldn't protect from going arms first into the guard rail. I ended up with both the radius and ulna bones in both arms being broke. The right side was right in the middle of my arm and both bones were plated back together. The left was much more serious as about 3.5" of the radius bone broke off right at the wrist joint which required major reconstruction and bone and skin grafts and many plates and screws.

As of today I'm at about 95% of where I was before the crash, can't say enough good things about the Medics from East Pierce Fire, the ER staff at Tacoma General (except whoever it was that wouldn't let me pee) and later on my surgeon Dr. Doug Hanel and the crew at Harborview as well as my PT and my friends and family for taking good care of me.

And now the pics:

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Mar 7th 2017, 07:26 PM   #14
  Feb 2016

Thumbs up Gear check: your last get off.

1965/factory warmed Duc Diana MKII/Virginia International Raceway/approach to rh hairpin ant end of loong straight/speed 60ish/just at transition from straight linebraking to lookinginto & through rh hairpin/dry/warm/hot/braking from flat=out +/- 120/sitting up from crouch/full braking and engine braking.
1st sensation = sudden zero engine braking (about 50% of total brake power)
bike wagging its tail/struggling to stay up/spinning horizon/scraping sounds/views of following front tires 2-3 ft behind/coming to stop, uninjured.
Post-excitement analysis=failure of shift mechanism linkage to keep gear selected and engaged=loose aircraft nut in linkage. racers/fans would later comment how many times we went sideways toward high side a=but came back.
Gear: Bates custom made i pc leathers/Bell 3/4 helmet/engineer boots/thin one pc driving gloves.
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Mar 7th 2017, 07:27 PM   #15
  Feb 2016

Thumbs up

Very useful post. Thanks!

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