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Jan 20th 2017, 06:13 PM   #1
 Squidly's Avatar
  Jan 2016

My last crash

I've gone down a handful of times. One bad dirt crash, 4 lowsides at the track, a highside on the street when I was 16, and a stupid tumble this past Autumn.

The only crash that I regret, that I'm ashamed of in fact, was the last one. I made some small control mistakes that caused me to go down, but the real cause of the crash was me and my aggro bullshit that I ride with too often.

I was waiting at a 4-way stop and traffic into the intersection was backed up for a few minutes each direction and I was salty about sitting in traffic. When it looked like it was finally my turn, the Mercedes on the right had the same thought. We both stopped partly in the intersection, and I'm sure we were both thinking the same thing:


I try to get rolling through the intersection and the Mercedes starts creeping up too; it became one of those stupid games of chicken we've all played.

I roll by slowly in front of their car with my clutch in and my throttle open. I'm revving the bike to...idk. Assert my dominance? Make myself feel better?

The car jumps forward and it felt like they were going to hit me. I couldn't say if they were really that close or not because my gopro was dead.

Anyways, the crash. I do a little left-right swerve, slip the clutch, and get on the throttle hard. If you've ever got on the gas at low speed and decent lean angle you learned that motorcycles wheelie much easier when sideways. I did just that, and of course set the bike down waaay crooked a little bit down the road.

I must have picked up a bit of speed because my bike ended up a lot farther down the road than I did. The driver ended up going along their merry way.

My bike looked pretty beat up. The forks felt bent, there was coolant (actually my energy drink) all over the road and my bike. No power because a main fuse had blown.

I was on the sidewalk and sipping my crushed Nos through the side of the can when a friendly soccer mom pulled up. She asked if I was ok. She told me that driver was a maniac, and she couldn't believe he just left. She also told me that she had chased him down and got his plate number. I thanked the woman but told her I didn't need the plate.

A while later some flirty latinas passed by and were very impressed by the pieces of my bike and the gouges in my jacket. They blew me kisses and I blew some back but my heart wasn't in it. I avoided looking towards traffic after that, even when the police rolled by, because I knew the crash was so easily avoided.

It doesn't matter who's right of way it was, or even if the other guy purposefully tried to hit me or not. The crash was because I couldn't let an insignificant event go.

I didn't write this to alleviate guilt or to get all preachy about defensive riding. I don't really know why I wrote this. I'm thankful that at the end of the day I didn't hurt anyone and my bike wasn't totaled.

Take it easy guys
Jan 20th 2017, 07:27 PM   #2
  Jul 2016

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Jan 21st 2017, 08:09 AM   #3
 FZ1Mike's Avatar
  Sep 2016

  2005 Fz1 The Fazer
Mine just gets super side way when I do that. But I know exactly what your saying. Oh and also thsts fucked up up the nod man. That shit is liquid gold. I drink at least one everyday
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Jan 21st 2017, 08:45 AM   #4
  Jan 2016

  2011 Triumph Daytona 675, 1975 Honda CB550K1
Hey man, it's really good that you were able to recognize the exact cause of why you went down, your mental state when riding. I think we've all been there, the agro attitude can cloud the judgement. Recognizing that could change the way you approach riding, improving your chances of avoiding a crash when you get back out there again, and can save your life. Glad the worst damage was too your pride, hope you get the bike fixed up quickly.

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Jan 21st 2017, 06:24 PM   #5
 That One Guy's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Glad you're OK.

We've all been there, some of us are just luckier than the rest.

A pier I look up to told me once (with regard to managing people) "the moment you loose your temper, you'll loose in any situation you're in". Now if I could just apply that advice more religiously...
Jan 21st 2017, 07:20 PM   #6
 Scribbles's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Squidly, your ability to recognize what happened says a lot about your character. You made a mistake, and you owned up to it.

I have a healthy respect for powerful bikes. (edit) All 3 of my 2-stroke dirt bikes have whiskey throttled me into a crash at some point. I love all that power, but damn it can be scary.

I have no desire to ride a 180HP bike on the street. If I ever bought one, it would be track bike only..

Edited by Scribbles on Jan 22nd 2017 at 08:34 AM
Jan 21st 2017, 07:30 PM   #7
 Randr01d's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  salem, or

Excellent introspection and narrative. Respect.

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Jan 22nd 2017, 08:48 AM   #8
 DocB's Avatar
  Feb 2016
  Poulsbo, WA

  Aprilia RSV Mille, CB77 (AMA Nat'l landspeed record holder), CB750K, CB750F
Originally Posted by That One Guy

A pier I look up to
Jan 22nd 2017, 10:59 AM   #9
 That One Guy's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Originally Posted by DocB
Damn, the grammar Nazi strikes again!
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Jan 23rd 2017, 07:49 PM   #10
 ShootPDX's Avatar
  May 2016
  Happy Valley area (Clackamas)

  SV650S Silver - HD 1250 Hammer Sportster w/Screaming Eagle stuff - GSXR-750 K12
Try a jury of my piers...

Oh my god...I just about pissed my pants laughing at this...

"A pier I look up to..."
Originally Posted by DocB

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