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Dec 14th 2019, 09:52 AM   #1
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  Dec 2019
  Salem OR

Highway 36 Crossing 8/21/2019

This last summer I took it upon myself to cross Hwy. 36 once and for all, all 1833 corners of it. It had long been a riding goal but construction and road closures at Bridgeville since 2017 made it nothing short of a challenge. But finally I resolved to leave for Fortuna from Trinidad CA and then make it on time to the construction site at noon to cross the 5 mile up and downhill dirt section (daunting on a S1000R but possible) to then meet the last 98 miles of riding paradise: the one, the only Hwy. 36.
I have done the section of 36 from Red Bluff to Platina, Wilderville or Hwy. 3 cutoff to Hayfork many times in the 3 years prior to this ride. The Red Bluff rollercoaster was my playground. If you haven't been on this amusement park ride you owe it to yourself to ride it. What a blast, but at this point let me share with you The Crossing....
The Crossing of 36, Part 3
98 of 143 miles
200 miles counting the ride in from Trinidad
Ride #41, 2019
Finally leaving construction worries behind me, I cannot express the exhilaration I felt knowing that nothing but twisting pavement was ahead of me for 98 miles of Rowdy the BMWS1000R's Playground Hwy 36.
No more dirt uphill or downhill, no more semis going 10mph on switchbacks, no more launchpads of dirt called bumps.
This was our wheelhouse and we planned to claim it and answer to any or all challengers.
Still at 4000 feet west of Mad River it was WILD up here. I saw easily 7 pair of deer on the side of the road at different times. Most ever. Few cars. They were all behind me.
Trying to remember even now the different corner sets on the 48 miles of 36, I usually donít ride on and really donít know: itís hard. There were so many! And they were glorious. So much so it was starting to wear me out. Haha.
First came the Mad River corner sets at around 80ish miles out: which is why I usually donít run them. They are out of my fuel range there and back again
These went on for close to 10 miles and we ran them as fast as we could averaging 50-65mph. Then came the Highway 3 corner sets further east: my name for them just as a point of reference. SAME EXACT THING. DITTO.
Set up so perfect and I entered this track it seemed to go on for MILES! Well it did actually but NOW I actually started to get corner fatigue. Highly unusual for me but I was running them hard as I could. Now I could slow down and take it easy. NOT my style! That wasnít what I was here for.
Wishing I could be up here fresh and early in the morning with a full tank of gas and just run it forever. That would be my idea of heaven.
Then after this 30ish or so miles of relentless cornering heaven, the straights came running down to Wilderville and Platina. Now I am in my home country Highway 36 I run all the time. Getting hot now adding to fatigue I was already feeling. Technical stuff still to come.
Needed the corners now to keep me going. To give me a reason to attend to the road and finally they do. Fast but not my best because now due to dehydration and heat and fatigue I just really didnít know how far I could push the envelope. Wishing I had a Camelbak the thirst was really foremost in my mind and I was still 15 miles out of Red Bluff.
Confident now on the gas, we are in the straight 11 miles and when itís hot I go faster, limited however by fear of law enforcement this close to town, and Iíd already seen quite a few out there today. Finally last few corners that 36 had to offer came up. Blast thru these and thereís Main Street Red Bluff and the Chevron station with Rowdyís name on it.
Pulled in and stopped by the tank, helmet off, jacket off and vest off. Cooling in the shade. No one here, making my telephone calls ďI made it!Ē And updating FB as I drink 💦 Finally get gas and head down the 17 miles to my moms house in Anderson, my home base for Hwy 36 adventures. I pull in the garage feeling like the S1000R and I after almost 12,000 miles together really hit a milestone. Proud of us!😎🏁😎🏁😎🏁
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Dec 14th 2019, 12:45 PM   #2
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  Jan 2016
  Garden Home

  2012 Versys...'83 BMW R80 RT...Suzuki GS 450t
I've done Hwy. 96 but not 36...I wouldn't mind spending a few days down that way covering all of those roads...
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Dec 14th 2019, 12:52 PM   #3
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  Dec 2019
  Salem OR

Originally Posted by chadams66
I've done Hwy. 96 but not 36...I wouldn't mind spending a few days down that way covering all of those roads...
A nice ride is to cut off of Hwy 5 south at Yreka and take Hwy 3 to Etna and Callahan to Trinity Center. From there it's a left on Hwy 299 in Weaverville and right turn to Hayfork again on Hwy 3 to 36 and then east over to Red Bluff. It's a wonderful side jaunt through the Trinity Alps and a fun connector to Hwy 36 and the Red Bluff Rollercoaster. Almost no traffic on Hwy 3 anytime of day.
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