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FeralRdr Feb 15th 2017 06:42 PM

Road Report - Battleground to Pine Creek/Eagle Cliff - 14 Feb 2017
Just thought I'd give a quick heads up on the road conditions in the North Clark County and Pine Creek areas.

Oldmanriver and I went for a Mid-Day Run up to the Pine Creek Area yesterday. We were hoping to find out where the current snow line was.

As you can see, we were successful.

The roads were mostly dry throughout the area, and were clear of snow and ice all the way up to the firehouse that is by the Eagle Cliff Store.

Originally, we were going to stop in at the Pine Creek Ranger Station. However, the parking lot was a little snowed in.

We then decided to try the Eagle Cliff Store, but...

It too was closed, and also had a parking lot full of snow.

Over all, the roads were in great shape with just a few areas of concern.

Many of the road intersections do have a lot of gravel in them. It isn't too much of an issue as there are clear paths through the gravel, but you do want to use a little bit of caution when turning onto an adjacent road. There are two roads in the North Clark County area that you do want to use a little caution on: Bratton Rd (from Pacific HWY just to the South of Woodland, East to 29th Ave.) and WH Garner Rd (runs West out of Yacolt to Kelly Rd). Bratton Rd has a lot of debris from trees on it. Most of the debris is in the lower section just off of Pacific HWY. The road does clean up as you wind your way up the draw, so the road is still worth taking. WH Garner Rd, has a lot of loose aggregate on it from last summers fresh chip sealing. It appears that they may have scrapped some of the chip seal off when clearing the roads after last month's snow events (at least that's our guess). It's not too big of an issue as traction was still very good. However, it was a little difficult at times trying to discern what was loose gravel, and what was firm, well seated aggregate.

Pot holes were an issue, but only in two areas. The first was in the outer side streets/roads of Battleground (as we were leaving the city limits). As we moved North out of the Battleground area, they soon diminished, and were few and far between. However once we reached Lewis River Rd (where 503 turns South towards Amboy/West towards Woodland)), they became an issue again. Between Jack's Corner and Cougar, there are several large pot wholes that will ruin your day, if your not careful. Fortunately, they are large enough to be easily seen at distance, and subsequently avoided. They do continue to the east of Cougar until around the vicinity of the powerhouse by Beaver Bay. These also are easily seen and avoided.

The most sever damage we encountered, was a landslide that is pictured below. It is located about 4-5 miles West of the Pine Creek area, and completely covers the westbound lane of FS-90.

Looking Eastbound. Taken from the North Side of the Road (up slope side).

Looking to the West. Taken from the South side of the Road (down slope side).

Closer view - Looking West.

Fortunately, there are warning signs of "One Lane Road Ahead". Taken from the West end of the slide in front of the large barrier sign (looking West).

Besides the land slide, the only other issue we encountered on FS-90 was the occasional section with debris in the road. Most of the debris was off the trees. When laying in the middle of the road, it wasn't really heavy enough to cause issues. However, as you can see below, there are places where it is thick on the sides, covering the fog line, and spreading out well into the right side of the lane.

Additionally, there are also a couple places where rocks have fallen down onto the road.

Luckily, that is currently limited to this area which is just to the West of Swift Forest Camp (the twisties where the metal plate is in the road).

Hope the info is helpful.

Mikeames Feb 15th 2017 10:20 PM

Great road report, thanks!

ltlpagan Feb 16th 2017 08:15 AM

Great report!!

curve addict Feb 16th 2017 01:18 PM

Consistently among the best reports on the site!

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