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no splat matt Jul 18th 2016 10:34 PM

3000 miles, lots of memories, only a few broken ribs!
Rode from Beaverton to La Quinta CA, to San Diego and back June 18th - 28th. A little over 3K miles. Only one day of rain - in Oregon of course! Have been wanting to ride to Fossil, and when I had my chance, it rained from The Dalles to John Day!

My ride took me through eastern Oregon to Lakeview, Mt Lassen CA, Lake Tahoe, Bishop CA, La Quinta CA (just east of Palm Springs), through Idyllwild CA, Palomar CA, Oceanside CA, Napa CA, and along the CA coast and Coast Range Mountains.

Most of my rides were around 500 miles. Worst part of the ride was from Bishop CA to La Quinta CA. Temps were between 110 to 122 deg the entire way. My 5 hour ride ended up taking me 11 hours, because for every hour of riding, it took me an hour in air conditioned bliss to cool down again. ATGATT, vented leathers, but holy shit I was hot! Had my camelback filled with ice and gatorade, and was taking small sips with every breath, but you just can't vent that kind of heat. Definitely had heat exhaustion by the end of the ride. Was 1/4 mile from my destination, but had to get out of the heat because I was feeling nauseous and short of breath. I'm glad no one at Jack-in-the-box complained about the lobster red motorcyclist who stripped down to a T-shirt and biking shorts, while rubbing ice all over himself!

The photos don't capture all the riders I met and rode with along the way. Many great memories from this ride.

I only encountered one asshat while lane splitting in CA. Kept my speed below 30 mph when traffic was at a standstill or close to it. I fell back into traffic when speeds increased to around 45 mph. Many other riders split at much higher speeds, but I was too far from home should something bad happen. If CA drivers can learn to allow motorcyclists to split lanes, so can Oregonians!

Unfortunately, I took a spill on my bike on my second to the last day of my journey when a car crossed over into my lane on a tight left handed turn. Luckily for me, I was only going about 20 mph and the dirt on the shoulder was soft and fluffy. Also luckily, my bike was rashed up but otherwise OK, and except for a couple broken ribs, I was able to finish my ride thanks to Tylenol.

Just past John Day. The rain had stopped and the rest of the trip was fantastic!

Eastern Oregon, near Seneca.

Eastern Oregon, near Seneca.

Eastern Oregon, near Seneca.

Eastern Oregon, near Seneca.

Eastern Oregon, near Seneca.

South into CA from Lakeview OR.

South into CA from Lakeview OR.

Looking west near Nubieber CA, Mt Shasta was visible, but my camera didn't really pick it up, no polarizing filter.

Near Mt Lassen. They had a major fire out that way last year, and these trucks got left behind.

Mt Lassen Park.

Mt Lassen Park.

Mt Lassen Park.

Mt Lassen Park.

Mt Lassen Park.

Lake Tahoe NV.

Moonrise on the Summer Solstice on my way to Bishop CA.

Stopped at Manzanar Internment Camp to pay my respects to all the Japanese American citizens who were held there because of their heritage during WWII. During these times when we're quick to paint with a broad brush, it's a poignant reminder of what fear of "The Other" can result in. May it never happen again.

Under guard 24/7.

One of the many barracks that made up the camp.

There were 54 barracks into 36 blocks, 200 to 400 people were living per block. In a 20 by 25 room, 8 people were put together and inside each room was a stove, blankets, cots, and a couple of mattresses filled with straw.

It was 110 deg that day. The only barrier to the heat and cold was 1/4 of wood and tar paper. Winter temps were below freezing.

Never again!

Windmills in Palm Springs CA

Arrived in SD county via Idyllwild. Stopped at Mt Palomar Observatory. This was the largest telescope in the world at 200 inches, for forty five years.


First day on the beach in Oceanside!

Del Mar

The cliffs above Blacks Beach on the way to La Jolla

La Jolla

Pacific Beach in San Diego. My old stomping grounds back in the day. Many a wasted day was spent here...

Balboa Park in San Diego.

San Diego skyline from the south. If you look to the right you can see a plane coming in to land. A scary few moments if you haven't done it before.

View of the Veteran's Cemetery near Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma, above the city.

Panorama of San Diego from Cabrillo

San Diego Bay.

Napa CA.

CA coast near Mendocino.

Hope you liked the pics!

daneloire Jul 18th 2016 10:41 PM

Great pics, from a great ride!

DarthVader Jul 18th 2016 11:53 PM

great pics!...and good write up!....broken ribs are never fun, heal up!

craiger Jul 19th 2016 12:33 AM

Awesome pics and nice story to boot, cept for the low side, but then again, all's well that ends well, and your adventure has street cred ! I can vouch for the CA 'splitters, done it meself and it is waaay cool that CA drivers not only expect riders to do it, they encourage it. I got looks at 4 way red light intersections that said, "what are you waiting for, get up to the front of the line so I can move up one". Genius. Forward thinking progressives, what a concept. No mention of up Hwy 1 in NoCal, you stayed east, I presume? If you ever wanna make another trip down and do Hwy 1, hit me up. I've never done it, and would be down for an overnight trip down there.

Did you fly solo for the whole trip, other than the occasional meet up? Ballsy of you, that's a lot of miles to be doing solo...mad props.

ZXtasy Jul 19th 2016 05:37 AM

Fantastic tale and pics!!! Tanks for sharing.

no splat matt Jul 19th 2016 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by craiger (Post 21525)
Did you fly solo for the whole trip, other than the occasional meet up? Ballsy of you, that's a lot of miles to be doing solo...mad props.

I went solo, but I ended up riding considerable distances with riders I met along the way. It was great just coming across other sport bike riders who liked spirited rides through the twisties. Not a single speeding ticket despite some long periods of wide open throttle on highway five. I took it from San Diego to Vallejo, to save time on the way home. Met up with a guy on an '08 GSXR 1000, and we traded lead. Needless to say, he topped out way higher than me!

Fallingsand Jul 19th 2016 07:12 AM

Nice write up! i enjoyed the pictures, too.

Naza Jul 19th 2016 08:56 AM

Boss ride and write up!

I would like to do something like this in the next couple of years.

Thanx for sharing.

beansbaxter Jul 19th 2016 09:21 AM

Great story and awesome pictures! Hope you're healing up ok!

TroyAG1 Jul 19th 2016 10:42 AM

Thank you. Looks like you had a great trip.
Did you have a checklist to prep your bike for that long of a ride?
Last time I hurt my ribs I went to an acupuncturist, I left being able to move and breath again.

craiger Jul 19th 2016 11:33 PM

Very cool, I've owned a K5 gixxer thou, and yeah, those things are speed monsters for sure. When I was down in Monterrey for the MotoGP, I had a ZRX 1100, and it was fine, took a while to adjust to the speeds that people drive in CA, I had soccer moms in their mini vans pass me at 90..I'm doin 85, with my head on a swivel lookin for local LEO's, next thing i see is soccer mom givin me the stink eye and sprayin me with exhaust fumes. That was it, none of this 85 crap, rolled on to triple digits and dint have a single problem. Not as many LEO's as I anticipated. But good on you for sackin up and takin the plunge on the trip. I know dudes that talk a mean game when it comes to a high mileage trip, but when it comes right down to it, there's always an excuse not to go.

bsbiker Jul 20th 2016 10:03 AM

3000 mi ride
Great ride, great pics. Very nice write up, thanks for sharing.

no splat matt Jul 20th 2016 07:58 PM

Prep=Preparation H

Originally Posted by TroyAG1 (Post 21544)
Did you have a checklist to prep your bike for that long of a ride?

I'm probably not the best person to ask because I'm a big fan of dirty underwear, but let's see... Luckily (kinda) I have a Twin Bro's exhaust with an extra dummy can, so I stored all my flat repair items in it (plug kit, C02 chargers). Tools were under my seat.
I rode with a Camelback Backpack in which I carried water,/ice/gatorade, waterproof gloves, extra wool upper body layer, Delorme InReach satellite beacon, zip in/out panels from my jacket, a few energy bars that I never ate, and my camera.
I rode with Cortech soft saddle bags. One side was packed with my rain suit, 2 small fuel bottles, various chargers for my Delorme/phone/camera battery, tooth brush and paste in a zip lock bag, a small can of Lemon Pledge (I'm a pathological furniture duster :rolleyes:), and a tire pressure gauge.
In the outer small pockets of either bag, I packed some sandals, various sizes of zip ties, a small tube of hair gel (super hold!), Catcrap for my glasses, tylenol, and a few other things I forget.
The other side of my saddle bag have a very sparse selection of underclothes and outerwear, including my riding jeans. I knew I wasn't going to run into extremely variable climates, so it made packing cloths easy. The longest stretch I made w/o laundry facilities was three days, so I packed three changes of thin wool socks/undies and wore the same 2 T-shirts that I hand washed at cheap motels. My sister said I stunk when I arrived at her place in Oceanside, but she's my sister, I would expect nothing less!
I rode wearing my vented Joe Rocket leather jacket and pants, bicycling shorts with a chamois pad for my tender bottom, Cortech perforated gloves, Cortech airflow boots. I also bought some neoprene socks from Cabela's since I only brought one pair of non-water proof boots. They came in handy on the first day of my ride and stored easily with my sandals.
I did purchase a small can of lithium grease that I left with my sis when I did some chain maintenance at her place. My chain cleaned nicely with charcoal lighter fluid in place of kerosene.
I'm pleasantly surprised at how little I needed to pack, and how I was not wanting for anything on my ride.

TREX600 Jul 20th 2016 08:39 PM

Nice pics :cool: :)

heydewd Aug 31st 2016 08:31 AM

Look's like an excellent trip. I have ridden from Bishop south a few times on my Viffers. Hot and Fricken boring.

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