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Aug 29th 2019, 07:03 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by ThrottleStop
So just did Windy Ridge. Going up, ...these heebiejeepie feelings of flying off into the barren baby tree landscape. ...
It will probably be that kind of corner someday. My focus will be “off” due to dehydration, hunger or some such distraction and.... weeeee!!!! oh fuck...
I was going up that road for the first time on my NInja 1000 and I went wide on a right hander that had a dropoff in the middle that unweighted me and flew sideways a full foor and a half like 1\4" off the road, into the oncoming lane.

A pickup truck full of tools and shit was RIGHT THERE and I couldn't do anything because none of the controls were working (no tires on road for like 1/10 of a second while this was happening, in SLOMO).

I looked right at the left corner of his chromed, rusty rear bumper as I lifted my left foot so it wouldn't get smashed between the bumper and my bike.

Finally got some traction and I lucked out (#guardianangelsarereal) and everything was in a reasonable correction position when physics kicked back in and I made it.

Scared as fek tho.

That's a tough ride up there. But it'll wake you up fer sure.

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Sep 4th 2019, 09:41 AM   #32
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New, car sized, divots that appear on the road up to Windy Ridge after a winter, that punch you right out of the seat.
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