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Oct 21st 2016, 03:14 PM   #1
  Oct 2016
  Beaverton, OR

  2015 BMW S1000R
Minimoto near Portland?

Hi all. New to the forum.

Was thinking about possibly trying out some sort of minimoto racing for my kiddos this next spring/summer. Not a racer myself (although might try it this next year if funds allow), but thought it would be a kick in the pants to do with the kids.

I have a 7yr old who I know would be all over it. Also a 5yr old that I'm not sure if he would be into it or not, but want to give him the opportunity to try it out. They also have a 3yr old sister who might follow along in the future.

Just unsure of where to start. Only real resource or "group" I found was cascadia supermoto website, but the website doesn't go into much detail about the junior stuff.

Anyone here have any experience in this area? Any classes or schools available that will let them get their feet wet without taking the full plunge right from the get go?

Thanks and looking forward to getting a sunny day or two to get the bike out again
Oct 21st 2016, 04:36 PM   #2
  Jan 2016

I can give you some more details about the CSM stuff at the least.

We reserve a slot for junior racing at each race, regardless of attendance. (ie, it doesn't get cancelled and won't go away in the future)

This provides a safe opportunity for junior riders to get on the track. In the event we have some very talented young riders, they will be moved to the adult mini bike class, so the junior class can maintain a similar pace.

In the morning, we have two 10 minute slow practice sessions.

When we race at TCKC, we also hold a mini endurance race in the evening from 6pm - 10pm. It's a very inexpensive way to get a lot track time, and the bikes are spread out.

I encourage you to bring the kids out, its a very friendly and encouraging community.

I hope you are able to find some instruction for them as well!
Oct 21st 2016, 04:51 PM   #3
 2wheelpodcast's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Medford Oregon

My kids love CSM!!!
Oct 21st 2016, 05:34 PM   #4
  Oct 2016
  Beaverton, OR

  2015 BMW S1000R
Ah thanks that's some good info.

So if I were to look for some bikes are there any places other than craigslist that I should be looking?

As far as mini bikes go, what are some common time tested brands? Want to get in on the cheaper side, but don't want to buy crap either and regret it after.

Thanks again.
Oct 22nd 2016, 11:17 PM   #5
  Sep 2016

Originally Posted by Bone
Ah thanks that's some good info.

So if I were to look for some bikes are there any places other than craigslist that I should be looking?

As far as mini bikes go, what are some common time tested brands? Want to get in on the cheaper side, but don't want to buy crap either and regret it after.

Thanks again.
KTM/Cobra 50's
Yamaha PW50

Honda XR50
Suzuki DR70

KTM/Cobras are on the faster side. With the age range and most likely skill gap, might want to get a more motocross oriented one, cobra/ktm, and a straight up first bike PW50/xr/DR style.

I started on a CR80 at age 7 but it was too much bike for me. Although it did start a trend of liking "too much bike".
Oct 22nd 2016, 11:21 PM   #6
  Sep 2016

As far as getting their feet wet, try some trail riding. If you know anyone with some private property, even a big back yard, let them get the hang of turning/stopping etc and take them out trail riding.
And by trails I mean the flat stuff that's wide enough for atv's.

I can't help you with specifically the the racing side but if you want to give them the riding bug, its pretty easy to do!
Oct 23rd 2016, 07:35 AM   #7
 TREX600's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Custer, WA

  Suzuki 09 GSXR 1000 Suzuki 09 DRZ 400SM 1970 Yamaha 250 DT1 Enduro
Oct 24th 2016, 05:14 PM   #8
  Jan 2016

Turning into one of the local "mini guys" here's my thoughts, and a few suggestions:

First, the suggestion of just finding a back yard/parking lot/mild trails to put them on is perfect. After that (or maybe they're already doing that)....

One great way of getting your kids into the scene this winter would be through flat track. All the orgs I have ridden with take _great_ care of the kiddos, with appropriate pace/classes/practice down to some pretty small folks. The closest track/opportunity to you is in Salem at the fair grounds. Their first race is this weekend (Saturday night). For a taste, just drop by and see what's going on. ( John Doublex, who also works at Bills Motorcycles Plus Inc./Husqvarna & GAS GAS, is an absolutely fantastic dude, and is frequently at the races on his husky. That would give you a good idea about bikes, etc. as well.

Flat track basics are simple (go fast, turn left), and will get them a taste of it without doing _anything_ to a stock bike, and MX gear is appropriate.

In the summer months, there are a bunch of practice days available at McMinnville in Oregon, and of course through Cascadia/TCKC in Richland, which I participate in. Everyone in the "scene" is very supportive of youth riders, and will make sure you and your kids feel welcome.

As far as bike setup, supermotojunkies has a minis section. You _can_ spend a ton of bucks, but you can also just put street tires on a dirt bike and go have fun. planetminis also has a bunch of resources, but I've found them to be of uneven quality.

It's getting harder and harder to buy a truly bad motorcycle. Any of the Japanese brands from the last 20 years would be great. Some of the Chinese stuff is even getting pretty good these days.

Craigslist is still probably your best bet.

For mini road racing, the progression I've seen work most often is :
XR50 or equivalent
KTM50 or equivalent - maybe, if they're faster and aren't comfortable working a clutch yet
Mini Roadrace bike (used to be YSR, but now there's several I'm not familiar with)
XR100 - maybe skip this, depending on budget, etc.
85cc MX supermoto/85cc 125GP conversion/etc

None of these bikes have changed much in the last 15-30 years, so anything
newer than about 2002 is going to be "up to date", and most can be had for ~$1k.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have, or point you to someone who might know better.

One last thought on expense. This is how it usually brakes down:
Trail Riding < Motocross < Flat Track/Dirt Track < Minis/Supermoto < Road Racing

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