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TJRace Aug 17th 2019 10:31 PM

Oregon City - Detroit Loop
Had a good ride today running OC-Ripplebrook-Detroit-Elkhorn Golf course(Gates Hill road was awesome!)-Sublimity-Silver Falls-Redland.

Curious what y'all think about passing protocol. I came upon a group of six Harleys between Estacada and Ripplebrook that were going the speed limit or slightly below. Knowing we'd be coming to some entertaining curves as we neared Ripplebrook, I knew I wanted to get beyond the rolling roadblock asap. They were flying in formation which meant I didn't have a natural gap to allow me to pass a portion of the six-some. I was making a dashed-yellow pass but ran out of real estate so (safely) slid over into the middle of the harley group. Next straight I passed the remainder and the lead rider indicated he thought I was #1. My initial inclination was to reply with a similar middle finger but settled on a shrug reply. So, how do you pass a large group of pedestrian-paced riders?


Rusty Nail Aug 18th 2019 05:20 AM

I've seen groups like this many times. I pass as safely as I can. But if I run out of space and need to get in their line I do it. Sometimes I need to get in aggressively. The way I see it. If they want to make a road block of themselves. Then they have to deal with people squeezing into their line. All they got to do is move over just a little bit and I could pass the whole group at once. So it really is a matter of them asking for people to pass them as we have.

Tortilla Jackson Aug 18th 2019 12:02 PM

Just get a liter bike so you can pass the group with no problems. :p

chadams66 Aug 18th 2019 12:23 PM

you did the right thing...I rode with a notoriously slow cruiser group for a while...they had a couple of faster riders weave through their group once..boy were they pissed...I had a hard time not laughing (what did they expect riding 5-10 below the limit)...I had actually ridden ahead of them..we were on 503 by the reservoir..because they were too slow on that fine road and I missed the whole thing...I told them that I knew those two riders and would mention it to them...I did and we had a good laugh...
you guys know who you are...stop clogging up the roads for everybody else...

Ryanthegreat1 Aug 18th 2019 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by Tortilla Jackson (Post 57808)
Just get a liter bike so you can pass the group with no problems. :p

Leader bike, duh

TJRace Aug 18th 2019 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Tortilla Jackson (Post 57808)
Just get a liter bike so you can pass the group with no problems. :p

Why would I want to give up a couple hundred CCs?

unicykle Aug 18th 2019 08:32 PM

Do what it takes to enjoy your ride, who cares what they think.

Willow Aug 18th 2019 10:43 PM

What unicykle said.....

I don't even bat an eye when I, or a group of us, come upon a bunch of slow Harley riders, and we need to get around them. You never know what kind of group it is, some will move over respectively and let you pass really safely, then some groups won't. The ones that don't, we will pass all at once if possible, if not, we just move in somewhere safely in their pack, then move out and continue to pass as safely as possible until we pass all of them, and then continue on our way. Some don't like it, and some don't care, but I'm going to do what I have to do to continue on my own journey.

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