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Flappy Dec 3rd 2017 11:37 AM

Friday beach run
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Hey everybody,

Anyone doing anything Friday? I'm off on Fridays from now on so I'll be taking my Tiger down to the beach this Friday. Might go Vernonia to Astoria or even the old government road from Lookingglass to Coos Bay if it's not too cold. Be a little muddy and wet but nothing a Tiger can't cope with and I'm stir crazy after not riding since NOVEMBER!

bsbiker Dec 4th 2017 05:14 PM

Well, it's a little tough from Florida, but I will be home next Tuesday.

Flappy Dec 5th 2017 10:10 AM

Ugh Tuesday.

Sorry, just at work right now (Tuesday) and would rather be out as it is cool and clear with relatively dry roads. Still gong early Friday AM though, think right about 0600-0630.

Just haven’t exactly decided “where” yet as Nestucca river to Mt. Hebo via FS 14 (default route) is probably going to be slick at that hour so I’m borked unless I want to do a bunch of tippy taps and ride at about 1/4th of a MPH through the mud/ice. I’ve done it but it isn’t what we call “relaxing” with a 500 lb. Tiger. I ride for pleasure only and that isn’t either so it’s either up Apiary to Astoria and up to Lake Quinault or down the Wagon Road to Coos Bay and points further south.

Rain Forest up at Lake Quinault is damned pretty and I had fun when I went last January, but dang it’s a heck of a step to get to. OTOH, middle to southern Oregon Coast has “some” decent paved stuff on 101 and several little offshoot roads that will be nice later in the day after the danger of A.M. ice is gone. One could probably do at least three sets of passes if you timed it right.

caslaw Dec 5th 2017 01:04 PM

Check your inbox

Flappy Dec 5th 2017 05:28 PM

TY sir.

Done and hopefully done.

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