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Apr 20th 2020, 03:25 PM   #1
 Sentinel's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2019 Nada
Why isn't gas cheaper?!?!

So oil has crashed yet I am still paying >$3.00/gal for gas.

Apr 20th 2020, 03:32 PM   #2
 chadams66's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Garden Home

  2012 Versys...'83 BMW R80 RT...Suzuki GS 450t
Originally Posted by Sentinel
So oil has crashed yet I am still paying >$3.00/gal for gas.

just another case of "trickle down" not working...

also they know you're addicted and that you have no control over them..


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Apr 20th 2020, 05:12 PM   #3
 Alpine 318is's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Kirkland, WA

  2013 Triumph Daytona 675R Race
Taxes. Washington gas taxes are brutal
Apr 20th 2020, 05:33 PM   #4
 VeritasImageryNW's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Allyn, WA

  '06 HD Street Bob, '85 Yamaha FJ600, '99 Honda CBR600f4
ARCO in Shelton is $1.79 for reg. Chevron at Dear Creek on HWY 3 is $1.89 for reg. At least as of yesterday. And yes, I run Premium in the bikes. But just was by there on the way home from Rainier.
Apr 20th 2020, 07:29 PM   #5
 craiger's Avatar
  Apr 2016

  2009 Aprilia RSVR, 2010 Honda VFR 1200f DCT
I heard that it's .79 cents in FL? Anyone confirm that? If so, they'll just say its cuz they're close to refineries, or some other BS. IMHO, it's government approved price gouging. WA and OR's gasoline industries are not regulated. Therefore, it's bend over at the pump. I have a VP station in my area, $3.35/gal for non-ethanol super. I'll gladly pay a lil more for the good shit. The Fred Meyer down the road from there has 87 at $2.16... for what it's worth..
Apr 20th 2020, 09:36 PM   #6
  Jan 2016
  Gig Harbor

  BMW F650GS / BMW R12R
There is no demand for fuel now due to travel restrictions. Dropping the price won’t increase that demand, so retailers are trying to maximize revenue by holding fuel prices steady. While they’re earning a good margin on the volume of fuel that they move, that volume is so small (compared to normal) they still aren’t making much (or any) profit. Even in good times many gas stations earn more profit from Twinkie and Red Bull sales than they do from fuel sales.
Apr 20th 2020, 09:38 PM   #7
 MikeMikeMike's Avatar
  Feb 2016

lol Wa and Or gasoline industries are not regulated. You sir have no comprehension of the English language.

Our prices are high because we have 3 refineries (Shell, BP, and Tesoro) serving a huge population and there is literally no amount of money that could be spent to open a fourth refinery.

So they have all just reduced the amount they are producing knowing that they can make it through the next few weeks and only bleed some money on the operations side without starting a price war.
Apr 21st 2020, 12:46 AM   #8
 liberpolly's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Ducati Diavel, Aprilia Scarabeo
It is really hard for 3 refineries to conspire to keep prices up - see game theory - but if they did conspire, it's a federal felony.

Most likely it is timing. The prices will fall as the stocks replaced with the new gas. Gas prices always lag behind oil prices, on the downslope more than on up slope.

How much gas is your bike using anyway?
Apr 21st 2020, 06:16 AM   #9
  Mar 2016

Filled up the cage for 1.86 (credit price) this weekend in Bellingham. Wonder what Costco prices are.

And WA actually has 4 refineries. Fourth one's up in Ferndale.
Apr 21st 2020, 06:21 AM   #10
  Apr 2017

The reason our gasoline taxes seem high is because we demand government services, and we need taxes to pay for them. But, we aren't smart enough to choose taxation based on ability to pay, e.g., corporate, income and estate taxes, so we choose the most regressive tax system in the United States. We choose property taxes, and licensing fees, and sales tax, and gasoline tax, etc.

If we want a civilized society we need to fund it through taxes. If we don't choose to base taxes on relatively wealthier people, then we need to soak the poor.
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Apr 21st 2020, 08:01 AM   #11
 1shinysideup's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Originally Posted by Malay
Wonder what Costco prices are.
$2.10 as of yesterday at the Bonney Lake Costco, the Chevron down the street from there (410 and Veterans Memorial) was $2.30 last week.
Apr 21st 2020, 08:27 AM   #12
 McRider's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Woodland, WA

Many years ago National Geographic devoted an entire issue to explaining why we were going to run out of oil by this time or earlier, and here we are awash in it. You just never know what the future will bring. Same with 9/11 or the Corona virus.
Apr 21st 2020, 09:56 AM   #13
 Transported's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  2016 R1, 1999 R1
We are well past peak oil, which is probably what Nat Geo was talking about. Cheap oil is gone. Each barrel brought up or processed from shale is more expensive. Far more than renewables. The insanity of fracking has resulted in dry wells suddenly yielding more oil and gas, but at what cost?

And, if it weren’t for the trillions of subsidies to the oil industry, indeed the entire US military empire, oil would not be profitable and would die.

But, it must die anyway, if we are not to live on a toxic cinder.

This is big oil’s death rattle. Music to my ears.
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Apr 21st 2020, 11:07 AM   #14
 SpokaneJim's Avatar
  Apr 2020
  Spokane, Washington, USA

  2017 FJR and 2017 DR650
Yesterday future oil contracts sold at less than $0 / barrel so I should be able to gas up and money be deposited to my credit card, right? After all my vehicle is a storage tank of which their is a shortage.

I know that is foolish but it is an amusing thought - we need more amusement these days.
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Apr 21st 2020, 02:20 PM   #15
 MMcN49's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Small Island Surrounded by Puget Sound

  07 Buell XB12STT, (Two) 12 Suzuki DR650 SE 72BMWR75/5 KIA @ 243K
Gas in Suquamish is $190.9 for regular, $2.10 for intermediate and $2.30 for Premium. WA State & Federal Gas Taxes are $63.4 per gallon. That leaves $127.5 to split among the people who actually produced and delivered the gas.

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