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Dec 9th 2019, 05:34 AM   #1
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  Jan 2016

Tesla Autopilot

These things are SCARY. Any 'autopilot' vehicle really should be tested before allowed to be on the road. If they can not see a car how will they see a motorcycle?
Dec 9th 2019, 08:52 AM   #2
  Jan 2016

  2011 Triumph Daytona 675, 1975 Honda CB550K1
It'd be nice if states would start banning autonomous vehicles for now, the tech just isn't there. I'd venture a guess that they have caused more damage and loss of life than they have prevented at this point. Interesting to see that the owner got misdemeanor reckless for it.

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Dec 9th 2019, 02:35 PM   #3
 WarpShatner7's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  NW Oregon

Originally Posted by fiveohford
It'd be nice if states would start banning autonomous vehicles for now
Well, the national average is one crash per half-million miles driven. The Tesla autopilot's average is crash per 2.9 million miles driven. So it's like I've said before, not even Elon Musk can create a program as dangerously incompetent as the average driver, even if he works at it. As it stands it's about one-sixth as dangerously incompetent. And it's about half as dangerously incompetent as a Tesla driver who's *not* using autopilot: one crash per 1.6 million miles, give or take.

(Yes, I know it's a totally unfair comparison: the total of all driving includes the majority of driving conditions, where you cannot use autopilot, which is still mostly a glorified cruise control presently still limited essentially to in-lane highway use.)

Interesting to see that the owner got misdemeanor reckless for it.
The driver is always responsible. AFAIK Tesla tries to hammer it into buyers' heads that it's intended only for use by a fully attentive driver; and this idiot admitted he was rummaging around in the back seat or some such shit. They should throw away the key, and I don't mean his car key. Although that too.
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Dec 9th 2019, 05:20 PM   #4
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  Jan 2016
  Oregon Coast

  2017 BMW R1200RT
Autopilot software will just keep getting better. I don't hold out hope that human drivers will stop drinking and texting. As a motorcycle rider I would rather take my chances on a road with all Tesla-style autopilot software even knowing that some drivers will not pay attention as they are supposed to do - rather than ride on our current roads with drivers drinking and texting.

Of course the ideal thing would be roads filled with alert, competent, well-trained, sober drivers that are not paying attention to a *%!@$# cell phone. Good luck with that.
Dec 9th 2019, 05:31 PM   #5
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  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

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Originally Posted by coastrider
(papraphrasing) guys suck at driving so much even dumb robots are better than you....
when im riding i watch drivers more carefully, like everyone does, and i keep an informal running count of texting. it averages, to my reckoning, about 1/3 of drivers have a phone in their hand and maybe half of those are actively using it or at least looking at it.

so, yeah, what he said.
Dec 13th 2019, 05:26 PM   #6
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  Dec 2018
  Goldendale WA

  2021 Pan America, Classic Sportsters, Triumph & BSA
Last year tested 2018 Nissan Altima with vehicle recognition - half dozen tries with BT Harley and the car never picked it up. Doesn't boost my confidence level with autopilot....

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