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Jan 2nd 2019, 04:56 PM   #1
 sunofnun's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  renton aka the dirty south

  KTM SD 1290 / KTM SD 990 / TE300 / 150xcw / wr250 / CB350 / GROM / TTR50 / CRF 50 / XR100
Rode south america on BMW Dualsports (Chile & Argentina)

Hey kids..

Don't post much anymore, but thought you guys might like to see some of the country down in south america. Just got back from a two week trip with my brother and girlfriend.. They went a week early and hiked/backpacked patigonia (torres del paine national park and where the patagonia brand came from) I met them down there and we hiked a bit then back up to Puerto Montt in central chile.

We rented some BMW GS700s and rode the tires off them through chile and argentina. We crossed the andes a couple times with both pavement and gravel. We split time between both chile and argentina riding through the andes and crossing the borders.

Chile was my favorite, it was crazy down there, amazing roads (kind of like st helens, but perfect pavement) I was blown away with the quality of the roads.. They may have us beat. Argentina was a bit hotter/drier also a little less twisty.

Border crossings were not too difficult but definitely consult with your motorcycle rental people if you plan to cross. We had the right paperwork, the first one was a little scary, but after we figured out what they need it was super fast.

Amazing food, amazing architecture.. definitely didn't feel 3rd world. It was like leavenworth, but not shitty? haha... Southern chile was colonized by germans back in the 40's so the food and building is all very very european feeling.

We stayed in 18 hotels in 21 days all together. Many had natural hotsprings and spa stuff. Couldnt find a bad meal if we'd tried.. Food was astounding.. All they eat is meat, cheese bread and cake.. and lots of beers. Kind of a mix between mexican/central america lagers and German heavier darker beers. TONS OF breweries.. everything was handcrafted.. lol

Air B&B

With dogs "Tony y Scott"

Local bikes

more locals..

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Jan 2nd 2019, 05:29 PM   #2
 cgt1229's Avatar
  Feb 2016

Nice work, looks like fun was had!
How did the BMW's perform for the conditions?
Dig the gas station awning.
Jan 2nd 2019, 06:06 PM   #3
 Bowermad's Avatar
  Feb 2018
  Bend, OR

So much love for a trip like that! Epic adventure
Jan 2nd 2019, 07:08 PM   #4
 Scribbles's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Nice pics!! looks like you had a great time!!
Can we expect a ride report about this?
What was the average cost of a meal and lodging? How much was the bike rental?
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Jan 2nd 2019, 08:38 PM   #5
 TREX600's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Custer, WA

  Suzuki 09 GSXR 1000 Suzuki 09 DRZ 400SM 1970 Yamaha 250 DT1 Enduro
Nice pic
Jan 2nd 2019, 10:15 PM   #6
 MikeMikeMike's Avatar
  Feb 2016

Wow, amazing trip. Looks like the perfect bikes for a mix of dirt and cement. Very jealous...
Jan 2nd 2019, 11:14 PM   #7
 PeteN95's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Muklilteo, WA

  Suzuki DL1000, Honda XR650R, KTM 250 XC-W
Wow, just epic!!
Jan 3rd 2019, 08:43 AM   #8
 1shinysideup's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Nice pics, looks like a blast! That Quesadilla looking thing looks delicious!
Jan 3rd 2019, 09:11 AM   #9
 bcj's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  teh rock

  K1200RS SV650
Saint Beer!

He sounds friendly!
Jan 3rd 2019, 10:15 AM   #10
 sunofnun's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  renton aka the dirty south

  KTM SD 1290 / KTM SD 990 / TE300 / 150xcw / wr250 / CB350 / GROM / TTR50 / CRF 50 / XR100
Glad you guys are liking the pics...
Here is a bit more info:

We rented the bikes through rideAdv ( ) They are a larger org with footprints all over the globe. We did a self guided tour, so basically we just rented the bikes with them. We organized pick up and drop off.

Pricing for rentals are here:
I paid $175/day for 10 days. Plus another couple hundred for pickup/dropoff services.

Eventually they hooked us up with the local Chile group called Motoadventura Chile This is the company that actually rented us the bikes. It may have been a bit cheaper to go to them directly.. but we'd already been talking to Ride Adv for many months.

So $2000'ish for the bikes (per person)
Another $2000'ish for airfare (per person)

We paid things off over a 10 month period. Bike rentals first, plane tickets next, then saved some cash for hotels.
Jan 3rd 2019, 12:22 PM   #11
 DGA's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  An Ape and a Husky
That looks like an amazing trip. Really appreciate you posting this as this is something that has been on my short list.
Jan 3rd 2019, 12:34 PM   #12
 sunofnun's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  renton aka the dirty south

  KTM SD 1290 / KTM SD 990 / TE300 / 150xcw / wr250 / CB350 / GROM / TTR50 / CRF 50 / XR100
This is my 3rd international trip on bikes.
My brother and I did New Zealand 2 years ago, and Costa Rica Last year.
We are figuring it out! Love adventuring around.. life is too short not to!!

We are talking about Cost Rica Unlimited (dirt bike tours) next year.
Then peru mabe for 2020?

Gotta keep it roling!!
Jan 3rd 2019, 12:46 PM   #13
 sunofnun's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  renton aka the dirty south

  KTM SD 1290 / KTM SD 990 / TE300 / 150xcw / wr250 / CB350 / GROM / TTR50 / CRF 50 / XR100
Originally Posted by cgt1229
Nice work, looks like fun was had!
How did the BMW's perform for the conditions?
Dig the gas station awning.
hotels ranged from $50 to $350 (easy to find cheap spots, we opted for some spa/luxury spots here and there)

SO the bike, haha.. It was "alright"

Brand new bikes 2016 G800GS with less than 2000 miles on each.
Brand new tires for the trip.. bikes came with panniers, and some light tools (I brought my own toolkit and tireplugs, etc)

The bikes were bone stock, if I had my way I would have gone up 2 in the rear sprocket, and put at least a slip on on them.. but for stock bikes they were great.

They had crash bars and skidplates however none of us had to use them
I did scrap a lot of hard parts on the ground. Pegs, frame, and skitplate here and there.

The bikes were limited at 180KPH, and That was in 5th gear, they still had another gear to go.. 1st was a bit too high geared for slow crawling and technical stuff also creeping in traffic gearing would have helped.

Bike feel:
It felt a bit like a bigger KLR 650 with a bit more juice. Super easy to ride, heated grips, comfy seat. The suspension had three settings (sport, road, comfort I think) I kept it in sport on the pavement, comfort in the gravel.

They also had traction control, and abs which I switched off so I could slide it around. We had gravel roads which were fine, but we also had volcanic sand.. which defintely was not great for the ABS/Traction control. Once we had it all turned off everyone was having a much better time.

I searched high and low for a KTM adv bike, but couldnt find anyone to rent them down there, so we got the BMW's

All in all they were super solid, and did the job. Wheelies were quite a chore.. lots of front end bouncing to get it to stand up.

Fact: kids in other countries like wheelies too.

Jan 3rd 2019, 04:54 PM   #14
  Jan 2019

Incredible ride

What were the animal carcasses that were hanging? Were they just drying the meat? Used to do that when I was in Iceland with the fish.
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Jan 5th 2019, 09:15 AM   #15
 Greg's Avatar
  Apr 2016

  L3 GSX-R750, Tracer 900
Looked Awesome!

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