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Mar 15th 2017, 06:46 PM   #1
 Thumperpilot's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  SV650S, CRF450R, and others
Ktm fuel-injected 2 stroke!!

I'm sure it's having to do with the newest emissions (Euro5), but this is great news for 2 stroke fans worldwide! :spin :spin
KTM Announces Groundbreaking Two-Stroke Fuel Injection Enduro Motorcycles | Dirt Rider

Fuel-Injected KTM Two-Strokes Coming in '18 - Racer X Online

First it was the counterbalanced 2 stroke engine, now fuel-injection! At least one of the big manufacturers isn't letting the 2 stroke die like Big Red did...

Here's the not-so-good news from Action Motorsports KTM fb post:

Direct Injection 2-strokes!
While in Austria touring the KTM factory, we asked, why no DI 2-Strokes yet. We were told a reason that I had never thought of. Mister KTM said that we all know the three main reasons riders buy 2-strokes. Some, just like the power style, but more than that, most like the simplicity, lower costs associated with maintaining the bike, and the up-front cost of the bike. He also told us that they do have DI bikes and are pretty ready to go public if needed, but here is what the reality of a DI 2-Stroke bike will be.
1. The bike ends up being close to the same cost of a 4-Stroke due to the the added pumps need to inject the fuel and the oil (which sounded like it is done seperately). Also, since not many other companies have 2-Strokes, the Research and Development is very expensive with no other companies sharing the need for this new technology. Also you need the total injection system and all the sensors/ECU's to run the system.
2. The bike ends up being close to the same weight of a 4-Stroke due to the additional stuff needed to run the system.
3. The bike ends up being close to the same complex motorcycle as the 4-Stroke. So, the days of pretty much anyone being able to diagnos running problems on a 2-Stroke will be gone. But, he said that there are going to be DI needs in the next few years with the direction of current emission regulations and unless things change, we will probably be seeing DI 2-Strokes in 2015. Just be prepared for an expensive, complex, heavy 2-stroke not like current 2-strokes.
Bottom line, we all still want the technology ASAP! Hurry up KTM.
PS Just a thought. Husabergs came with EFI a year before the KTM's. So, 2014 Husqvarna DI 2-Stroke maybe???? We'll find out next week as we are meeting with Husqvarna to discuss the franchise. I'll keep you up to date!
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Mar 15th 2017, 07:32 PM   #2
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  Jan 2016
  Custer, WA

  Suzuki 09 GSXR 1000 Suzuki 09 DRZ 400SM 1970 Yamaha 250 DT1 Enduro
Mar 15th 2017, 11:24 PM   #3
 Parilla125's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Very cool! Street can't be far behind?
Mar 16th 2017, 05:44 AM   #4
 Wrench's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  West Richland, WA

I think it will be a big seller. Cheaper rebuilds that don't need expensive head machining done, which makes it more appealing for buyers in remote areas (and farmers). Fuel injection should make the rebuild cycles much longer, which means it may surpass the current 4-strokes in time between rebuilds.


Honda, where's my fuel-injected, street-legal NSR500??
Mar 16th 2017, 06:58 AM   #5
 bcj's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  teh rock

  K1200RS SV650
2015? 2014?
Mar 16th 2017, 07:52 AM   #6
 Sentinel's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2015 Kawasaki Concours 14 - The Origame Sea-Dragon
Oh god...if KTM could make an orange version of my old RD400 Daytona.........

Mar 16th 2017, 09:54 AM   #7
  Feb 2016

  ZREX, Superhawk, CRF450R, KX500 SM, XR650R DS, KV75, RX50, RD400
Brp has already been killing it with their fueli e tech 2 strokes design for years and they aren't any heavier than carbed stuff

And they are incredible on oil use, don't smoke, run clean and put serious hp down!
Mar 16th 2017, 01:37 PM   #8
 Sentinel's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2015 Kawasaki Concours 14 - The Origame Sea-Dragon
It's just....that sound......rrriiiiinggg ding ding ding ding......
Mar 16th 2017, 04:34 PM   #9
 Parilla125's Avatar
  Jan 2016

How about the Suter? What, 280 lbs and 195 HP out of a 500 v4 two stroke? Might be fun....

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Jul 11th 2017, 09:55 AM   #10
 HalcyonSon's Avatar
  Apr 2016

With the MMX 500, Suter is taking us back to a time when men were men, and they rode powerful machines that had narrow powerbands. One wrong move, and you were in orbit. The Suter MMX 500 is the modern refresh of this idea, taken to its most idealistic state with 195hp on tap from the 280-pound machine.
Retaining the difficulty and charm of the dangerous but potent 500GP formula, and adding in modern-day chassis design with today’s superior suspension and braking parts, the Suter MMX 500 is the kind of bike old crusty riders are referring to when they talk about “the good old days” of yesteryear.
In person, the bike doesn’t disappoint. Everything is laid out exactly the way it should be, with virtually no wires to be seen, and every part is obsessively put in its proper place. The attention to detail is superb, enough to please even my levels of OCD and general pickiness.
The pristine carbon fiber work gives way to beautifully and purposefully machined metal parts. It helps too that the Suter MMX 500 drips in top-shelf go-fast parts.
In the sunshine found at Laguna Seca this week, the Suter MMX is a sight to behold. If you were not in attendance in California, the cost of admission was easily worth a glimpse of this machine. I hear there were some races going on as well.
This may have been your one-and-only chance to behold the Suter, as only 99 units will be made by the Swiss brand. Priced at $135,000 in the USA, this kind of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap. But then again, it shouldn’t – you are not worthy.

Jul 11th 2017, 10:38 AM   #11
 Tripledij's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Custer WA

  Aprilia Tuono 1100
Quote " With the MMX 500, Suter is taking us back to a time when men were men, and they rode powerful machines that had narrow powerbands. One wrong move, and you were in orbit. "

Beautiful bike, but what a stupid idea. 135 large for a bike similar to the older motoGP bikes that the best riders the world had to offer were frequently bucked off of during violent high sides. F-that, charge a little more and put on TC.

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