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Jan 7th 2019, 12:47 PM   #46
 craiger's Avatar
  Apr 2016

  2007 Aprilia Tuono Factory, 2010 Honda VFR 1200f DCT
Kevin, what a genius take. Couldn't have said it better myself. I was on the Polar Bear ride with my brother and his buddy this last week. Both fella's are on late model FJR's. I'm on a late model, automatic VFR. I do not partake in ostracizing riders for what they ride. I might begrudge a rider for his apparel (or lack thereof), but I refuse to be divisive. What's the point? Anyway, both my brother and his buddy mercilessly mocked all the Harley riders as inferior riders in skill, etc. I just didn't get it. I did not attempt to dissuade them from their "fun", but I did not attempt to quell their animosity either. I kinda regret that. I said that I don't care what you ride as long as you ride, we all share the same experiences whilst riding, etc, but received blank stares (as in, "say what?"), and I proceeded to STFU.

In this day and age of political name calling and divisiveness, I just decided to let it go and try to enjoy the ride. What's a guy to do? I know ya can't please everyone all the time, but I'm also only 1 guy. What can I do? Prejudice is learned. I don't feel like it's my responsibility to "learn" everyone. Else I be the one on the other side of the fence. Coward's way out, maybe. But life is short. I don't have time. I just wanna ride. Fuck prejudice people.
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Jan 7th 2019, 01:57 PM   #47
 liberpolly's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Ducati Diavel, Aprilia Scarabeo
Originally Posted by VeritasImageryNW
I think they are complete idiots. And, really, they aren't in my "tribe" because I don't hold to a specific brand. As I have mentioned many times in other threads I was once part of the anti-Harley faction. Hated the things. But then I grew up, and realized that they fit into a place that only they can. I found that many of those aspects that anti-Harley people berate, are exactly the things that make them appealing to the people that buy them. Then I started really looking, and started to find things that, for me at times, makes a Harley a "better" bike.

As far as the attitudes of those Harley riders you speak of, in all my years of owning Harleys, and attending events, I have rarely encountered it. In all of the charity rides I've been on they have all have a wide variety of machinery. From Big twins to Sportsters, from Honda Shadows to ZX-10s. Sure, the forums are full of that crap, but the opposite is true on this forum as well.

My point has always been, on this forum and the Harley ones I'm part of, that we should all strive to be "motorcyclists", people that love motorcycles in all their styles and brands. We should support those people that ride, no matter what they choose to ride. And we should never berate a person based on the brand, or model, they choose. It's one thing to share why you may not like a certain bike, but it's another thing to demean someone for choosing a bike you don't like. Just look at what was said by that other member. He basically said it's his responsibility to shoot down anyone that has the audacity to claim that a Harley is "favorable". That goes beyond saying that he doesn't care for them.

Either we can strive to build the community of riders, or we can allow it to be torn down.
if you are referring to me I said absolutely nothing of the sorts, but at this point, trying to break through to you seems utterly futile.
Jan 7th 2019, 04:38 PM   #48
 Sentinel's Avatar
  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2015 Kawasaki Concours 14 - The Origame Sea-Dragon
Damn, peeps. Ur all missing the point about vehicles in general, and bikes in particular: you WEAR your vehicle. It is part of your IDENTITY. It shows the world how you want to be seen AS A PERSON.

So when you trash someone's bike, they perceive it as a personal thing, even if they don't consciously become aware of that. This is emotional, down in the Id, Jungian stuff.

This is why ads work, because they attack you at an unconscious, emotional level. They purposefully by-pass your rational mind and send symbolic messages to your Id. They call it influence, and that's a precise term. It is an in-flowing of information that they want in your guts, where it affects you but you aren't aware of it.

So this bike-attacking business hits us right there, on our identity button. It is dead-center in the ego construct, which is why people respond emotionally and rational arguments never, ever persuade anyone.

But the thing is, knowing this you can shape your point in a way that doesn't trigger automatic fear/anger responses. All you have to do is stay right where the actual debate is, in the emotions and subjective feelings.

You might say, "My Sporty makes me feel like fucking James Dean, which is why I like it." and zero motherfuckers could argue. All they could say, which would be true, would be what I would say, "My big-ass Kawasaki land-speeder makes me feel like fucking Superman flying three feet off the ground, which is why I like it."

And then you'd do some shots.

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Jan 7th 2019, 06:06 PM   #49
 liberpolly's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Ducati Diavel, Aprilia Scarabeo
Originally Posted by Sentinel

You might say, "My Sporty makes me feel like fucking James Dean, which is why I like it." and zero motherfuckers could argue.
Verily, brethren!
Jan 7th 2019, 07:06 PM   #50
 Bald Guy's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  KTM SAR Husqvarna Strada, Ural Patrol and a shit load of BN125
And then you'd do some shots.

Your thought process is impeccable.

I like the cut of your jib!


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Jan 7th 2019, 10:59 PM   #51
 cgt1229's Avatar
  Feb 2016

Just ride, who cares what other people are doing.
Jan 9th 2019, 11:43 AM   #52
 Dash Riprock's Avatar
  Apr 2018
  N Idaho

  Yamaha 650
Originally Posted by VeritasImageryNW
But then I grew up
Well there's my problem right there!

Seriously this has nothing to do with HD riders, or criticism of anyone's choice of bike. I would hope these subjects could be discussed over a beer or breakfast without malice and I can appreciate anyone's desire to ride ANY brand they feel at home on.

I actually used to really want an XB then this happened;

"The Blast was ultimately the most expensive development project Buell undertook. Because the engine was overpriced, it ended up making money for Harley while losing money for Buell.[10] It was regarded as a technical success."

I think Buell may have bit the hand by publicly crushing one, but I think that was about the time I lost interest in HD. If they make bikes that suit you thats great, and ultimately they are an American corporation and I want them to do well.
Jan 9th 2019, 01:25 PM   #53
 DGA's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  An Ape and a Husky
I think my biggest problem is that I've yet to ride a bike that I don't like. And I've been fortunate enough to ride a good deal of things out there.
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