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Feb 25th 2020, 05:46 AM   #121
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Originally Posted by Sentinel
We could do with a LOT less "garbage economy", fewer cheap chinese plastic products, better methods of packaging (those plastic apple crates at Costco seem to be a perfect example of dumb shit).

It would be nice if we made more of our own stuff closer to home. At least the necessary stuff like food, clothes, power, medicine, our houses.

I am sick of traveling to places like China to do business with America companies.
Feb 25th 2020, 06:25 AM   #122
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  Jun 2016
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Originally Posted by chadams66
say what? I live in Oregon so I don't keep up with the ferries..but no electric bikes?
what's up with Gorst? is it as bad as Port Orchard?
There are several ferry systems in my area. Washington State Ferries allow motorcycles onboard at the head of the vehicle line, but you pay for a vehicle. regular bicycles are boarded with walk-on traffic, before all vehicles, and you pay for passenger-only.

The WSF website doesn't have a policy regarding powered bicycles that I can find. I suspect that whether you would be allowed to board as a bicycle with a Sur Ron would depend on the crew member leading the loading, and what their experience was with e-bikes. It is possible, IMO, you would get asked to buy a motorcycle fair and board with them, but I can't find anything overt. Probably also depends on how you roll up. If you are pedaling and going slow, you probably cut a bicycle profile and would be OK. Hauling ass in the traffic lane and then jumping the curb to get in with the bicycles would probably have the obvious result.

The local commuter ferry for Kitsap County has two services. One of them is pretty much for shipyard commuters and community college students, and the other is for Kitsap to Seattle commuters. The Seattle commuter boat specifically disallows e-bikes, but lists a bullshit reason ("weight ratios" whatever the fuck that means). The Other, the local commuter, is a very small, tight boat, and you basically have to tuck your bicycle in between standing passengers. It would be risky to try something on the big side like the Sur Ron as most folks already sort of get irritated by the bikes. Someone is gonna give you shit and force KT to make a decision, and we know what it would be.

If I already had a Sur Ron I'd give it a shot and take my chances. But since I am looking for a reliable commute situation that doesn't involve the clusterfuck/bottleneck that is Beautiful Downtown Gorst (a twisty, slow speed interchange of three major approaches that adds like half an hour to your trip each way unless you go before about 6AM) I'd not want to lay out thousands and then get squished off the commute boat because of unclear policy and some grumpy boat "skipper" wanting to make a point. That, and, as I said, the boats already crowded, and it WOULD suck to add bigass "bicycles".

No good answer, really.

At this point I ride a bus every day, but that thing is an irritating melange of toxic perfume, B.O., incessant outdoor voice chatter, and every medical/infectious malady in the book. VERY risky.
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Jun 17th 2021, 07:50 AM   #123
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I hope the above SPAM is at least powered by Wind Turbines, and not fossil fuels.
Jun 23rd 2021, 02:34 AM   #124
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  Jan 2016

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Originally Posted by FeralRdr
I hope the above SPAM is at least powered by Wind Turbines, and not fossil fuels.
Speaking of spam.... I can't help but find the irony in your post and the one immediately following it. Lol.
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