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Feb 13th 2018, 09:37 AM   #16
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  Jan 2016
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Originally Posted by Sentinel
nice article. i'd like to see soma data on crashed suits. as in: which color combinations get crashed the least. (if you didn't look at the article, there's a picture of a wall of crashed suits).

I'm not one bit surprised to see a bunch of the bright yellow suits up there. It's one big reason I'm very comfortable wearing all black on a black bike.
Feb 13th 2018, 10:08 AM   #17
 coastrider's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Oregon Coast

  2017 BMW R1200RT
I did a bit of searching and found the proper link for the 2018 pop-up event on the Aerostich web site. They don't list the year on their poster but the "18" in "gresham18" portion of the link would indicate that it is this year:
Popup Gresham :: Aerostich Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear

So as was posted earlier, March 8-11 in Gresham.

I am going to check out a couple suits before that and then show up there and see how the Aerostich suits compare.

Regarding the comment about color of suit and crashes "which color combinations get crashed the least" that would be a difficult study without a lot of great data which I don't think we have. A high-vis suit might help prevent the dreaded "left turner" hitting you but it won't prevent a single bike "missed corner" accident. But perhaps the rider investing in a high-vis suit would tend to be more cautious than the rider in shorts and flip-flops.

I don't see how highly visible gear could do anything but help you be seen. I know that I tend to spot folks with the high-vis helmets quite well. My only nod to fashion is a white helmet instead of a high-vis helmet. I do have some high-vis material on my current riding gear however.
Feb 13th 2018, 11:57 AM   #18
  Jun 2017
  Vancouver, BC

  2011 Triumph Sprint GT
Great gear. I got a lot of love out of my Transit leathers. Shame they no longer make that suit.
Feb 13th 2018, 02:51 PM   #19
 mgfchapin's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Kirkland, WA

  Daytona 675R
Great article. I decided to pick up a used Aerostitch almost year ago and I've commuted on my bike every day it was above freezing. Putting 7000 miles on my R3 vs my car has saved me a little over $500, which means my 'Stitch only owes me about $150. Seems to be holding up well, but I'm willing to get it fixed now and then if it means that kind of savings.
Feb 13th 2018, 04:09 PM   #20
 Enigma T's Avatar
  Aug 2016

  '07 Shadow 600 (Gremlin) & '88 Hawk GT (Rekka)
...interesting insights. And I appreciate the smiles/ride metric.

Originally Posted by paradox206
They're especially cost effective if you can find out your size and then go pick one up on ebay. I got a basically brand new one (not a scratch even on the ankle button caps) with a back protector for $500.

I own both a Stich and Motoport one pieces suits and I totally thought my Motoport w/liner would replace my Stich.....wrong! My Motoport can keep my dry during the winter and cool during the summer, but the liner flat out sucks. I like having both, as the Motoport is much better in the summer than the Stich, but the Stich is much better the three other seasons than the Motoport. I feel more protected in the Motoport than the Stich, but I feel more comfortable/less physically distracted in the Stitch than the Motoport. If it came down to only one suit, I think the Stich would enable more smiles per ride year round.

Here's the only con I've found with textile suits so far....maintenance. I commute to work daily in my suits and my Stich is currently in Duluth getting some repairs and my Motoport is going in for repairs once my Stich is back. Since I've owned my Stitch, I've probably dropped about $200 a year at Rainy Pass Repairs to get it refreshed (zippers, pulls, Velcro, patching) where as my leather Dainese gear (when I was wearing it daily) needed nothing. It's still worth it to me, but I've almost spent as much on repairs to my Stich in four years as the cost of a new one.
Mar 5th 2018, 10:38 AM   #21
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  Jan 2016
  The Rider's Seat

Thought I'd Bump this thread as a friendly reminder!
Mar 5th 2018, 06:47 PM   #22
 Buckwheet's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Tri-Cities, WA

  Aprilia, Honda, Suzuki & Triumph
Enjoyable article & riding suits.
Have been using roadcrafter gear since 2000 which fortunately has not needed any repairs other than a sleeve cuff zipper-pull being fixed with a loop key ring.

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