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May 3rd 2016, 04:28 PM   #1
 CaptainAwesome's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Harley Davidson LR-S
Gas tanks and something stupid

So... I dropped a 1/2" plastic/cardboard cap piece into my gas tank. While I'm sure I'm not the first person to get something in there like this, it's probably an elite group.

It's that spacer they put into the caps of fluids, in this case fuel system cleaner. I had used it earlier in the week since a whole bottle is for 12 gallons. I was backing out of my garage, going to get gas, saw it and thought it a good time to add it before I filled up around the block. Unlocked the filler cap so my hands could be free to open the bottle as I sat on the bike, did and wouldn't you know it like Luke F'n Skywalker that spacer piece falls right into the tank in a 5/8" hole. Didn't even hit the side. Couldn't do it again if I tried.

Lost it immediately. Can't see it. Figured I would have to pull the tank and flip it to get it out, but that seems like a lot of work.

So, is this going to be a problem or just something stupid I have in my tank from now on? I can see a risk of it clogging something or messing with the fuel gauge, but other than that. Any real risk? Anyone else done this? Just me?

Any ideas of how to get it out without removing the tank?

May 3rd 2016, 04:32 PM   #2
 Longrides's Avatar
  Feb 2016
  Skagit Valley

  2007 Ducati Multistrada
It's going to break down in there, and I don't see how it could clog your gas tube either. Think it's just pretty much float around in there.
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May 3rd 2016, 04:45 PM   #3
 Scribbles's Avatar
  Jan 2016

Petcocks have screens that act like a fuel filter. A piece of plastic won't cause any immediate problems.
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May 3rd 2016, 04:56 PM   #4
 CaptainAwesome's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Harley Davidson LR-S
That's good to know. Figured as much but didn't want to risk damaging something.

May 3rd 2016, 05:27 PM   #5
 Pavement Tested's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  '08 GSX1300R, '06 GSX-R 750, '17 KTM 690 Duke
What bike is it? If it's your FZ1, I don't believe you have a fuel petcock. Your fuel pump is most likely in the tank like almost all late model FI bikes. The pre-filter for the pump is typically at the bottom of the assembly and if this object floats, it'll never get close. It won't clog anything up either. It'll just float around in there.

I highly doubt that it will break down. It is what is meant to seal the bottle of fuel treatment and therefore designed to be in contact with petroleum products like gas.

I wouldn't worry too much about it but keep it in mind if you ever pull the fuel pump so you can fish it out.
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May 3rd 2016, 10:35 PM   #6
  Jan 2016

You might be able to 'fish' it out using a small aquarium fish net. You'd just need to get one that will fit into your cap opening.
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May 3rd 2016, 11:45 PM   #7
  Jan 2016

Sell the bike on Craigslist as in new condition.
Really it won't do anything but float around just think of it as a new riding buddy.
When / if you pull the tank and change the fuel filter it should be easy to get it out probably fall out when the pump is removed and then someone (not you ) will think "Oh Fuck! where did this come from and where can I find another one to replace it"
May 4th 2016, 09:13 AM   #8
 PeteN95's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Muklilteo, WA

  Suzuki DL1000, Honda XR650R, KTM 250 XC-W
I would fill the tank and see if it floats to the top. But I would hurry before it gets saturated and sinks.
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May 4th 2016, 09:50 AM   #9
 HalcyonSon's Avatar
  Apr 2016

Aquarium net or magic garage fingers. Might be easiest if the tank is half-full, so the fuel level is both above the filter sock and below the filler cap recess.
May 4th 2016, 09:56 AM   #10
 Brassneck's Avatar
  Apr 2016
  Seattle, WA

  '79 XS650; '01 FZ1
For me, it would drive me crazy knowing it's in there.

It should float, assuming it's a type of foam seal thing, and it breaking down may or may not be an issue... but why take the chance? Might be nothing and never be a problem, but isn't it typical when you're out on a ride and about an hour in it gets sucked into the line somehow, then you're kind of screwed. Those kind of anomalies seem to happen just when you don't want it to.

Personally, I'd try to get it out. You could try to fish it out...and/or raise the level of fuel, but there may be a lip on the filler neck to make that a challenge. But I bet if you used a hose or something to swirl the gas around, it would eventually come into view...then with long pliers (or spoon or something) grab it. They also sell siphons for extracting fuel out of a tank, and you could try to "suck" it up that way? probably wouldn't need to remove the tank either... just a few thoughts.

Good luck!
May 4th 2016, 10:48 AM   #11
 Nathan's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  space needle

I'd just remove the petcok and drain it out, should be easy to remove & put back on.

when I replaced the petcok on my tank I could not believe the crap that came out when emptied. Apparently the petcok screen deteriorated and its parts came loose in the tank. F'n ethanol grrrr
May 5th 2016, 07:47 AM   #12
  Apr 2016
  Poulsbo, The dry side

  2012 WR250R
Gas tanks and something stupid

Originally Posted by jkester92
sell the bike on craigslist as in new condition.
Gas tanks and something stupid-image1462459611.957551.jpg

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