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Jun 24th 2019, 11:25 AM   #91
  Jul 2016

  2013 Ninja 1000
Originally Posted by pilot47
Interesting thread. I just thought I'd throw this in here. About three weeks ago I was driving on the freeway from Tacoma, Washington to Olympia and I was beginning to move to the left lane when I heard a Harley which caused me to suddenly abandon the lane change. He slowly passed me on the left as I chastised myself for not looking more carefully and almost hitting a fellow motorcyclist.
Good one!....passed by a Harley....
Jun 29th 2019, 08:19 AM   #92
 ShootPDX's Avatar
  May 2016
  Happy Valley area (Clackamas)

  SV650S Silver - HD 1250 Hammer Sportster w/Screaming Eagle stuff - GSXR-750 K12
Originally Posted by FireDave
You're referring to the "Normalization of Deviancy," the psychological/behavioral activity that led to, among other things, the Challenger catastrophe.

If you want to ignore my words, then ignore them. WTF does your reply even mean?

No, it's not survivor bias. It's recognizing and reacting to the various things that occur in front of me, and learning from them. I've had many teachable moments, and learned that the words I use to define my riding are one of the many important parts of my attitude and mindset when I put my helmet on.

Everybody has seen Rossi do it, pull his leather out of his crack as he exits pit lane. Why does he do this? It has nothing to do with his leathers. It's his totem, his method of donning his game face, his reminder to himself that it's ON. Our capricious and flawed brains can convince us we're no good, or that we're capable, preceptive, and galldarnit, people like me;-)

Seriously. Develop a vocabulary for riding well. Leave the inhibiting/defeating words, the actions that inevitably follow those words, behind.

These things are important.

Riding well is an athletic event. An activity that requires spatial awareness, quickness, perception and prediction. Not too far from an NFL running-back, a point guard, a rock climber. Who dons their helmet with such a game face?
"Loud pipes save lives" is the very epitome defeatist language. Let's unpack it. Firstly, who is the typical rider who even says this? A guy on an 800+ pound behemoth, barely controllable in a stress situation--basically assigning the responsibility for his own survival upon the bike itself. At the end of the day it's absurdist nonsense. It's roughly as helpful as those denim pants are gonna be as the asphalt cuts through your skin after the obligatory 1.7 seconds of contact.

Riding among motorists is inherently adversarial by nature. You can make eye contact and even exchange gestures and they will still make that left right in front of you. "Pretend your invisible" doesn't even scratch the surface. Pretend that deep down in the psyche of the other motorist there may be an underlying hatred of motorcyclists. One that perhaps cannot even be rationalized by the driver himself. Ride using game theory, 100% of the time, and allow for completely irrational decision-making on the part of your opponent.
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Jun 29th 2019, 10:17 AM   #93
 WarpShatner7's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  R1200ST, CB350
Honking your horn continuously would work at least as well; if not better, since the noise would be projected forward toward drivers who may not be aware of you rather than behind where it's mostly affecting people looking straight at you through their windshield. (To say nothing of people trying to enjoy their homes and lives for a half mile radius.)

But somehow, for some reason, absolutely nobody has a sticker that reads "riding with your thumb holding down the horn button saves lives". I mean, gosh, it's almost as if it has everything to do with what impression you want to make on people, and the safety thing is a hilariously unconvincing rationalization. But, y'know, I wouldn't want to go out on a limb and actually say that or anything.
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Jun 30th 2019, 04:37 PM   #94
 Lena's Avatar
Forum Admin
  Jan 2016

New electric cars to emit noise to aid safety

And here we go, it's only a matter of time now for electric bikes:

Last weekend I might have experienced the effect of my bike noise as an effective warning. One can never be sure but the first half of our group passed a car that was pulled over on a narrow twisty road and it looked like he was about to pull in front of the second half and stopped mid-move. I can't help but wonder if that would have happened if we were all silent.

BTW, this thread was not meant to be only about "loud pipes save lives" and freeway-only situation.
Jul 1st 2019, 10:33 AM   #95
 Oregon Motorcycle's Avatar
  Mar 2019

Was hanging out at Moto Corsa on Saturday during the Zero demo while my roomie was signing papers... Spent almost 5 hrs there.
Was a trip watching these bikes run around... they would come out of nowhere hauling ass and you could barely hear a lil whining noise...
Jul 1st 2019, 10:46 AM   #96
 Transported's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  2006 FZ1, 1999 R1
Loud pipes set off car alarms.
Jul 2nd 2019, 05:40 AM   #97
 Texasl's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Northeast Olalla

  07 Guzzi
Originally Posted by Transported
Loud pipes set off car alarms.
Especially in parking garages.

I know this guy...
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