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Thumbs up Beautiful 1992 Honda CBR600 F2

Kie, is this the one you were working on? Yup, it is- I found it. F2 revival
What a beautiful bike!

I bought this old 600 along with some other nice bikes and motorcycle related items from a Seattle area estate around X-Mas 2016. The family of the deceased did not know much about this F2 other than it had been on a racestand under a sheet in the garage for at least a decade and probably much longer.

The garage was full of expensive gearhead/moto stuff. From talking to the family and executor of the estate, this machine had sentimental value to the owner. I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring this bike back to 100% awesomeness if for no other reason the previous owner would have appreciated it were he still around. A ridiculous amount of time and money was spent on the resurrection. It is doubtful if anyone has ever restored a CBR600F2 to this level before so why not me?

My goal was to make the best modded but streetable F2 you could have if this was 20 years ago. I cheated in a couple spots by utilizing upgrades that were not available back then. End result is, in my opinion, a magnificent bike and the results speak for themselves.

Starting with an already near mint 8700 mile example made things easier. Nearly all the bodywork was perfect which is some kind of miracle. This model is known for having frail plastics and being a 600 they have a tendency to fall over. The bike had not run in years so a complete mechanical refreshing/sorting was in order.

In no particular order this is how I brought the old girl back to life:

~The fuel tank had slight rust inside. I very carefully boxed it up and sent it to GTL Advantage in SoCal. It costs bank but the results are tremendous. The epoxy coating they apply is bulletproof, looks beautiful and should last a very long time.

~New oem Honda fuel lines and new oem petcock. New oem rubber vacuum line and clamps. Thankfully this is a 49-stater as opposed to a California model which has a fuel pump and all sorts of extra complexity.

~New oem carburetor rubber mounting insulators.

~I had the carburetors rebuilt by Pete J. at Seattle Used Bikes. They are now better than new. I had him "slot" the head of the d-shaped mixture screws so you can turn/adjust them without the special tool.

~New oem main throttle cable with eliminated return cable. The throttle is ultra smooth, crisp and snappy with just one cable. The return cable is still available new if someone ever wanted a heavier and less precise throttle twist action.

~New oem throttle tube.

~New oem handle grips.

~New oem Ducati 916 plastic bar end pieces. I much prefer the clean look of these parts vs stock. The stock bar ends are a heavy metal weight that connects with other weighted gizmos that all insert into the handlebars. All of that has been eliminated. All of those parts are inexpensive and still available new.

~When the carbs came apart we found a Factory Pro jet kit in there with their fancy tapered needles and other bits.

~K&N air filter.

~The bike had a brand new 2-Bros full racing system on it. Polished headers and a titanium end can... pure bling! The 90's were famous for extra long cans on all the CBR's, gixxers and Ninjas running around back then. I don't care for that look so I had the can professionally shortened. I also deleted the 2-Bros emblem for a cleaner appearance. The can was repacked in an effort to keep the noise at bay. imo it sounds awesome without being obnoxiously loud.

~The exhaust hanger is a later model F2 alloy passenger peg bracket with the passenger peg and shock reservoir mount portions machined off. This model year would have come with a steel bracket. This bike has no passenger footpegs although they could be easily sourced and bolted on.

~ Brand new aftermarket sprocket kit with pretty gold chain.

~The chain guard/inner rear fender is deleted.

~Back in the day it was popular to install a wider F3 rear wheel. I found one that came with the F3 cush drive which is a heavier duty unit than the F2. I had the F3 wheel professionally painted Honda "Ross White NH196" to match the front. You have mix/match F2/F3 axle spacers however once that is done the wheel fits perfectly with perfect chain alignment. The wider rear tire fits within the swingarm and chain with zero interference.

~There were already braided front brake lines. The gigantic original rear brake master cylinder fluid reservoir was crusty so I substituted a new Brembo unit. Much cleaner/tidier.

~New oem Honda coolant reservoir and cap.

~I checked the valve clearances and all 16 were exactly in the middle of the range. New oem valve cover gasket and grommets.

~New NGK spark plugs.

~New engine oil and oem filter.

~New Honda coolant and new oem thermostat.

~Resealed water pump with new oem o-rings and gaskets.

~A couple of the small pre-formed oe coolant hoses were replaced with new oem parts.

~New Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires.

~I sourced a period Fox Performance racing rear shock from a retired racebike. Fox was famous for the word "SHOX" which I always found humorous. It was in very good condition and I had it rebuilt by Dave A. at Fluid Suspension. This shock has full everything adjustability including ride height. This old skool kit has a remote reservoir on a long braided line which I obsessed endlessly over to mount cleanly. I tried everything to install it on the right side exhaust mount but no matter what I tried that would not fly. I always thought the Hondas from this era looked cool with the reservoir on display over there. Finally I decided to slightly modify the battery box so the line/reservoir could live on the left side of the bike.

~The bike has one of those stainless steel "Fender Eliminator" kits from Comp Werkes. I can only imagine how many of these were sold in the 90's. The underside of the metal "box" provided a perfect spot to mount the shock reservoir. This setup retains the stock license plate light.

~The bike has an integrated led tail light which isn't something you could get in the 90's. It fits and functions very well. Its tinted or "smoked" so it looks kinda cool with the black bodywork. I replaced the stock blinker relay with a different unit so the blink rate is normal. The tiny rear signals that are in some of the pictures are no longer there.

~The front forks are not black as they would have been stock on a 92 model. I finally figured out that the previous owner had upgraded to 94 model year forks. Sadly I remember this stuff lol. The F2 was basically unchanged from 91-93. However for the last model year (94) Honda upgraded the bike to silver-colored cartridge style forks with an external damping adjustment. I had these forks rebuilt/resprung by Fluid Suspension at the same time as they did the shock.

~The first time I rode the bike it was clear the front rotors were slightly warped which is a common issue. Very disappointed, I looked for replacements. A friend of mine who raced this model 20 years ago reminded me that once upon a time there was a kit from EBC which incorporated larger discs on full floating carriers. The kit also would have come with spacers to relocate the calipers. I called EBC and they laughed and reminded me this was no longer 1995. Imagine my surprise when they called me back a week later to tell me there was one last new set in England. It was absurdly expensive but I got it along with new EBC HH sintered pads. Now the brakes work perfectly and vastly better than stock. Most of the pictures show the bike with the stock front brakes.

~Greased and serviced steering head bearings. They looked like new otherwise I would have replaced them.

~Who remembers the stock F2 mirrors with their horrid rubber covers aka "condoms" on the stalks? Those covers never stayed put and looked dumb even when they did. Ugh! The trick now is to use mirrors from an 01 or 02 VFR800. oem versions are spendy but look/work the best and bolt on perfectly. This bike has new oem 01/02 VFR800 mirrors.

~When I got the bike it already had a Factory Pro billet left side engine or stator cover.

~New MotoBatt battery.

~New regulator/rectifier for the heck of it.

~All new light bulbs in the instrument panel.

~The headlight bulb is a yellow halogen replacement.

~The windscreen is some sort of upgraded unit from back in the day that literally glows purply-blue. I swear it should have a battery. I think it goes very well with the color scheme of the bike.

~All of the bodywork is original, oem stuff. The graphics/decals were never peeled off. The paint and finish is incredible. All of the fussy tabs and fiddly bits are there and unbroken. One of the side tail panels was cracked in a way that looked like someone grabbed/broke it trying to move the bike. I sourced an oem panel new in the box still. Everything fits and aligns exactly as it should with factory fasteners in all places.

~I sourced all sorts of teeny tiny small bits from Honda dealers all over the place. Fasteners, clips, mounting brackets and various other assorted weird Honda-only stuff. The parts locator at Lake City Powersports is my friend as well as the guys behind the counter.

~After sitting for so long the bike fired up at first push of the button. With the help/guidance of Pete J. I got the jetting absolutely spot on after a fair bit of fiddling around. This F2 runs/rides/operates literally like new. The upgrades to the brakes and suspension work tremendously well. So much so that riding this bike lets you relive the 90's in an enjoyable fashion without it being a let down.
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Thanks for noticing. Clearly something is wrong with me lol 😂

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