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Sentinel Nov 10th 2018 01:37 PM

Picking it up tomorrow...
2004 ZRX1200R

Pristine and unmolested.

Not gonna do too much to it right away, but I _do_ have to get a Yosh.

I had a 2001, but a woman in a Corolla killed it years ago.

Muah ha ha haaaaa........$/$/$/$/$/$/$

Bought this color because back in the day I bought a brand new one of these and loved it -

chadams66 Nov 10th 2018 03:03 PM

hell yeah...:ninja:

TREX600 Nov 10th 2018 07:32 PM

Nice :D :)

Transported Nov 10th 2018 09:31 PM

That is hop on and go?

Bald Guy Nov 10th 2018 09:44 PM

Absolutely love that bike's design.

Most be an age thing, but those are, just, Damn!

Thumperpilot Nov 10th 2018 11:49 PM

Cool bike but something about the green one (Eddie Lawson replica) me likes.:cool:

ZXtasy Nov 11th 2018 12:36 PM

Sweet!! I had an 2003 in Blue.

Jkester92 Nov 11th 2018 01:40 PM

I had an 04 also mine Was silver. There a lots of these bikes with over 100k on them,
You probably already know but the old ZRX forum is a must, lots of great info on there, lots of parts etc and good people.

Willow Nov 11th 2018 04:42 PM

From Transporter's thread, but in the video he says this is a "Hop on and go" bike. Just what you want......Right? ;)


Originally Posted by Transported (Post 51875)

Transported Nov 11th 2018 05:53 PM

Jus’ wondrin what the cut off point is with hop on and go? And does every person have their own definition of that?

Cub 90 is definitely hop on and go. Is any litre+ bike truly hop on and go? Is there a weight limit: below 400 lbs is HO&G and above is just HOG?

Is it like obscenity: you know it when you see it?

chadams66 Nov 11th 2018 06:46 PM

hop and go..sit and git..automatic transmission?

liberpolly Nov 12th 2018 08:37 PM

It's personal. For me, my Diavel is hop on and go when I don't have the trunk on.

bsbiker Nov 13th 2018 12:00 PM

Hey Portland area riders, just found a small Portland MC accessory shop, BAMF Moto. James is the owner, great guy, he can get any part for any type of bike with free shipping. BELOW RETAIL! Example, Cycle Gear wanted $40 for a heavy duty tube! $16.95 at James shop. Send him some love, we need to support shops like this. Oh, 1960 Hawthorne Blvd. 888-302-9620.

Mudslinger Nov 13th 2018 12:54 PM

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Uh oh.

Jkester92 Nov 13th 2018 08:03 PM

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Here is a pic of my old one

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