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Oct 21st 2017, 10:53 AM   #1
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  Jun 2016
  Poor Tortured

  2015 Kawasaki Concours 14 - The Origame Sea-Dragon
2015 Z1000 versus 2015 FZ09

So, I need a hoon bike. Right? I mean - we all do. Right?

I was almost the owner of a KTM SMT990 but the guy....he

Since the Z900 came out the Z1000 has dropped in price and I can get a new(wish) one for the same price as an FZ09.

I like the FZ09 motor but, like everyone else, am put off by the chassis shortcomings. But that motor!

So, looking at reviews, the Z1000 is a torque monster with brakes and suspension that actually work. But it is a bit heavier.

Anyone has ridden both? Maybe back-to-back, can talk about it?

I rode a Ninja1000 which has the Z1000 motor and frame and running gear, and it was amazing. But I killed it before I really got to know it

What say you?

Oct 22nd 2017, 11:30 AM   #2
  Jul 2016

  2013 Ninja 1000
You can get a brand new 2016 Ninja 1000 ABS for $7999 at Power motorsports in Sublimity, OR.
Oct 22nd 2017, 12:11 PM   #3
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  Jan 2016

  Harley Davidson LR-S
The Z1000 has an amazing air intake sound to it. They also put in different gearing than the Ninja, and insurance was quoted way cheaper for me over tge Ninja when I was looking at them. And that candy green you can get is just amazing.

Get some quotes for insurance first, try at least 3 places as the difference can be thousands. Even if one is better than the other if youre buying new and have to have insurance $600 vs $6000 a year over rules anything else.
Oct 22nd 2017, 04:35 PM   #4
 Big Cham's Avatar
  Jun 2016

I just put 4000 miles on my 2017 ninja 1000.... the motor is silky smooth and pulls very smooth to about 125 before I start to feel some vibration. The bike is heavy though but, the suspension is very good.

I had a 2015 FZ09 and logged 6700 miles on it then sold it. For backroad riding like going up Mount Baker and Hurricane ridge.. the bike is awesome. But for roads like Highway the tight corners in new halem up to Ross lake the bike is awesome. . But once you start to exceed 60 mph, the bike is horrible... no wind protection at all and the bike starts to wobble obove 85 mph.... and at 100 the bike feels like its about to rattle apart. . But for a local bike to rip around on your local loop..... it was awesome.
Oct 22nd 2017, 10:37 PM   #5
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  Jan 2016
  Washington County

Disclaimer: I don't know much about either bike and have only ridden a sport bike one time. That said, I looked up the specs on both bikes and the weight difference shown on the internet is in the single digits percentage-wise. Additionally, the performance figures are way beyond the capabilities of most riders, although you may be a highly qualified racer...I dunno. I would say to pick the one that you think covers most of what you want and chalk the other differences up as nits.

You already said that the FZ09 has a chassis you question and then add that the Z1000 has torque and "brakes and suspension that actually work." Sounds to me like your decision has already been made.
Oct 23rd 2017, 04:03 AM   #6
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  Sep 2016

  Africa Twin
I'd lean towards the Z just because of the chassis thing and I drank the green kool aid as a kid. I would have to sit on both (and try to test ride) to see which one put the biggest grin on my face and fit me best ergonomically.
Oct 23rd 2017, 09:34 AM   #7
 holypiston's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Vancouver, WA

I've ridden the better version of the FZ09, think it is the XSR900, the 2003 Z1000 and the FZ07.

I test road the XSR900 (once/dealer ride!) and felt similar to the FZ07. Loved the sound of the motor overall and I would bet handling is similar to FZ07. It's better mannered than the FZ09, but locals I know sold their FZ09, so there you go. Maybe consider the FZ-10?

The FZ07 is light, has a great sound, decent mileage and good low down power. However, a dyno tune will greatly increase your fun above 6k (seat of pants), from what Nels told Judy, the FZ is rich as a mother*ucka in the upper revs...feels like a midrange z1000 now that he did the tune (this w/ stock pipes, removed snorkel...good hit for a midrange bike...yeah bouy!). perfect for street riding. Handles pretty good. I read a recent cycle world article to wait for the XSR700 version that hopefully MIGHT come to the united states. Something about the front end on the FZ07, possibly steering column...are they still using ball bearings in there? That general area...strange. Put a pipe on the FZ07 an now you have a reliable ducati. sounds tits. That alone would make me want to ride the bike more and act like an ass on the freeway. FTW. FLO-rida.

Although I have much experience on the Z1000 of 2003, it has reliability (117,000+miles and counting) on it's side, more (to me) stability than the FZ07 AND smoother transitions on/off throttle. the heavier Z also wears the tires faster. I have the most confidence on this bike over ALL the others when it comes to leaning. I think it is the better build quality. I think they fixed the buzzing problem after 2006 that our 2003 Z had, but Vibranators took a lot of that away and had a a guy do a 100 dollar seat cut to a more ergonomic shape. mileage is about 5mph+ less than the FZ07 per gallon doing under the powerband riding. i'm an average rider, no more that 2X in the lower speed corners.

I would pick the Z1000 or ninja 1000. I weigh between 190~200 and for our backroads, i like a softer suspension (stock). Let me rephrase: Soft front, firm rear...don't we all like that...yeah!...what I'm used to on the vintage bikes anyway...good hagon shock and stay on the throttle...that will fix the front, eh? haha. rEguires the least amount of modifications for good "upright riding" fit and I know of another owner that easily got 88,000k (curve addict) out of his before selling it. We just got the valves adj. on the 2003 Z1000 at about 117,000 miles and the intake sounds pretty cool above 5k now. 2 valves were a bit tight.

if you are just plinking along and want to hear the engine, I would probably go for the XSR900 or a piped FZ07<----heard a piped one on a dyno...sounds good, time to wake the *uckin' naybores yerp. But if i am cornering, it will be the Z1000. maybe it is the too upright position of the FZ or XSR that is it?

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2015, fz09, versus, z1000

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