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wadester33 Jan 31st 2018 02:20 AM

99 vz800 weak intermittent spark
Hello all,,heres my dilemma front cylinder has a very weak spark,the rear one is great,i've replaced the coils,cdi,plugs,plug wires,tested the wires going to that coil from the ignitor for continuity,,was good,,it has a stage 1 jet kit,stock exhaust,new fuel pump,the previous owner changed some light in front from what i see,,i found 2 wires behind headlight a brown and a black/white just dead ended there,,could there be a ground somewhere im not looking that is not connecting or ??? thank you in advance,,any ideas appreciated

ZXtasy Jan 31st 2018 04:40 AM

So how is the fueling? Bad fueling can disguise itself as electrical and vice versa. Is it ride-able? What symptoms when ridden does it exhibit?

Armchair Mechanics are dying to know.

How is your blinker fluid level? :)

wadester33 Jan 31st 2018 06:58 PM

Its getting fuel,,I put a test light on the spark plug wire so I know its a spark issue,,I put new plugs in and rode it about 2 miles and pulled the plug when I got home and it looked shiny as new,,not a spark even touched it,,i'm going through the wires now so,,hopefully.,,,oh and blinker fluid was low,,topped it off

unicykle Jan 31st 2018 07:29 PM

If there is one thing i hate it is chasing electrical problems and buying parts that dont fix anything.
Check you grounds.
Check everthing for corosion
How are you checking for spark? And where?
Holding the plug to the head and turn the motor over if you can see a blue ark there should be enough to run.
Over fueling can act like bad spark

Start working backwards checking ohms and volts between the two cylinders

Jackaldj1 Jan 31st 2018 07:38 PM

Cant say that I can tell you exactly what the problem may be, but there is another forum that may be able to help. I have an '03 VZ800, and they have helped me with some of the issues I have worked through. It's the Marauder Intruder Group, Delphi Forums Login*-*Welcome! Please log in.

Main web page is here if the above link didnt work.

wadester33 Jan 31st 2018 09:02 PM

Ill check that website out thank you. I've found a couple corroded connectors, nothing to say aha about but they add up. When I look at the wiring diagram it looks like the yellow/gr wire ,,or green /yellow one of those is inter connected with that coil, when I changed fuel pumps the supposed oem replacement didn't match on wiring and the y/g was one that was questioning, but it all seems to have worked

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