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gas Aug 21st 2016 04:16 PM

Used V-Twin Bikes Reliability Less than $5K ?
For $5k or less, what would be best bet for a used v-twin bikes?
Function > Fashion.
Freeway commuter.

Rustydust Aug 21st 2016 04:39 PM

A 95-98 Honda PC800. Should to able to find an almost perfect one for much less than $3K. Smooth, quiet, 50+ MPG, no adjust valves, shaft drive, and very retro looking. Large spacious trunk is super cool too.

Of course, the fact that I still own the one that I bought new 93,000 trouble free miles ago might influence my thoughts on this somewhat.


Hachi Aug 21st 2016 05:26 PM

Vstrom 650 is tough to beat. Test ride a used 2008 +-. has all your answers.

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Parilla125 Aug 21st 2016 06:12 PM

There are a bunch of Kawasaki Vulcan models in that price range too. Depends on what style of bike you want to do ride.

Burphel Aug 21st 2016 06:51 PM

Sv650. Same engine as the VStrom but in a semi-sporty or nekkid package.

Suzuki Stevo Aug 21st 2016 07:02 PM

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Originally Posted by Burphel (Post 24088)
Sv650. Same engine as the VStrom but in a semi-sporty or nekkid package.

Almost true, the V-Strom engine has a little more flywheel and a little less cam, the SV makes a little more HP.

(To the OP...Any Boulevard)

ShootPDX Aug 21st 2016 07:16 PM

SV650/1000 or the VStrom variants...of course...there's a guy with over 400K on the 'Strom and all he has done is routine oil and a couple of valve adjustments. Air cooled Harleys would have done 2-3 (or more) complete engine rebuilds by then. Honda made a VFR750 (pre-Vtec)...I want to say 95-2000-ish maybe...absurdly reliable...there are some 200K+ bikes out there...

Beyond those machines...not much...

Check my brain...VFR is not a twin...duh!

Changing my answer to RC51...any year...if you can find one that hasn't been wadded...Superhawk...same motor...detuned...

dragracer1951 Aug 21st 2016 07:29 PM

I have a Buell XB12 for sale

TimberMoto Aug 21st 2016 07:45 PM

If your looking for cruiser style I would look at Kawasaki Vulcan 900 & Yamaha Star line.

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Flyboymedic Aug 21st 2016 08:12 PM

Older Multistradas can be had for slightly more money.
I'll have a Monster 600 for sale soon for around $2700 but probably not what you're looking for.

Thumperpilot Aug 21st 2016 10:23 PM

I thought my post went through but it hadn't. So, instead it looks like I'm repeating. Here goes. Liter bikes:TLR 1000, SV1000 (tuned), Superhawk, RC51(uncomfortable but awesome), Ducati Monster, Aprilia Tuono/Brutale/Futura

Half pint size: SV650N for most comfort, S for more giggles. They REALLY are ridiculously fun bikes and do almost anything. (Commute, track, sport-touring, wife-bike).

Envisiontj Aug 21st 2016 10:56 PM

If looking for a cruiser, I have an 06 Honda Shadow 750 and an 07 VStar 1100 for sale.

SamEyeHam Aug 22nd 2016 07:02 AM

SV650. Believe the hype.

Arnbo Aug 22nd 2016 08:06 AM

Look for a used Tuono .Svs just don't cut it ....Let the flogging begin,....

HalcyonSon Aug 22nd 2016 08:08 AM

Parallel Twin - Ninja 650R
Because why choose one of Function or Fashion when you can have both?

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