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Jul 23rd 2016, 11:28 AM   #1
  Feb 2016

Lo lo look out

Marie got ticketed for 7mph over the posted 50mph(?) speed limit Thursday on Look Pass. Talking to our motel neighbor from Boise area who's ridden that pass forever, the same cop hates sport bikes and never gives even a small break to anyone he ambushes from his blue sub, hiding in the shade just behind a small hill. 7 miles over? It could be 70mph over, I guess...😎
Jul 23rd 2016, 11:51 AM   #2
 ZXtasy's Avatar
  Jan 2016
  Moses Lake, WA

  2013 Kawasaki Concours C-14, 2005 ZX-10R Kawasaki (Nekkid), '99 Yamaha TW-200
Yeah, I met him once. 12 over but only a 72 dollar ticket..price of admission I guess.

Just earlier down the road, doing 90 in a posted 45 corner I passed (cleanly) 3 cars and one was a rez cop. He lectured me, called me 'Benjamin' like my mom would when mad...and let me go with a verbal. Niiice.
Jul 23rd 2016, 12:10 PM   #3
 equinity's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  2018 Tuono V4 1100 (street), 2020 ZX6R (race)
Idaho has something called "bond forfeiture" for those who don't know. Link:

Basically, allows you to pay the fine and not have it recorded as a conviction. Like ZXtasy said, price of admission.
Jul 23rd 2016, 03:58 PM   #4
 Cougar's Avatar
  Jan 2016

  Yamaha FZ1, KTM Super Duke GT, Yamaha FJR, Yamaha XS650
Is this the ASSHOLE that sits in his driveway about 15 miles from the MT. border? I got a Performance Award from him a few years ago for 75 in a 50. On the MT. side the speed limit is 70 (I think) and it drops to 50 when you enter ID.
Jul 24th 2016, 05:37 AM   #5
  Feb 2016

That must be the very place....she mentioned a reduction in the posted speed just prior to a hill that concealed the cop.

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