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WarpShatner7 Feb 9th 2018 10:28 AM

Mt Hood on an almost-sunny day
Was in the mood for a long ride that involved some actual leaning so I took off Wednesday PM for a ride around Mt Hood from Portland to Hood River the long way, then back via the bridge and Stevenson on WA-14.

Nice all the way, wore my mesh gear with the waterproof lining zipped in over nothing but a T-shirt, but carried the insulated liner in the top case. Didn't feel the need to stop and zip it in until Rhododendron, and then out again at Hood River. Forget about side roads, they're chain-up only or closed for the season.

OR-35 was quick and nearly empty all the way; it's got a patchy coating of red sand but with clean tire lines all the way. The Hood River County Mounties are covering the downslope so watch it.

P.S. What's a good place to eat in Hood River, preferably with off-street motorcycle parking? Had cod n' chips and a small Kolsch at the 6th St pub and grill, but chose it more or less at random. We really need a sticky for "where to park and eat in the PNW".

SilvieFox Feb 9th 2018 11:01 AM

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next time you up this way hit me up :) i live up next to MT hood in welches. i dont know about good eats in hood river but up here IMO one the best places for eats is the zigzag inn. they have great pizza and burgers

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