PNW Moto should be a fun place for everyone involved – the community, the moderators, and the admin. And we want to set the tone and environment that welcomes other motorcycle riders to join the PNW Moto family.

Moderating should be selfless. We, as staff, are here to serve the community and to keep the focus and vision of why this community was created.

Community Guidelines

No Nonsense – Be cool. No personal attacks. No trolling. Don’t be a sexist, racist, or a hater. Don’t abuse or be disruptive to the community. Participate and have fun, and if someone is being a jerk in the community, report them using the Report Post function and move on.

Please post your threads/posts in the appropriate section. Don’t spam. We allow all kinds of threads, but these threads need to be posted in the appropriate section for the community guidelines to work.

We don’t expect anyone or everyone to agree with one another, but please attack the position and not the person. We owe it to the community to build a positive and welcoming environment for all riders, and we lose the fun when someone’s purpose is to degrade or negatively disrupt a conversation.