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Dragon Rider Oct 30th 2019 09:09 AM

SOLD klx 250 s/sf dual sport supermoto $2500
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OK, first of many garage clean out sales. I'm in SE PDX, right by 205/224/212 interchange.

Soon it goes on craigslist for $2,900

but the pnwmoto price is $2,500

2007 KLX 250 s/sf. I got this bike from a Doctor who had his mechanic make it into a supermoto. it currently has the 17" rims and big brake rotor on. It also has the original dirt rims, with a new un-installed rear tire. It has a braided steel front brake line that is long enough for the 17" so all you have to do is swap wheels, and use the caliper relocation bracket so the big rotor works on the 17" no need to change out the front brake to accommodate the larger rotor. And the dirt set has full sprocket and rotor so no need to swap those, takes 20 min to swap wheel set.

local used bike shop offered $2,500 for it, so that is the pnwmoto price. They would give it a bath and ask $3,000.

has 10k miles. (mostly on the 17s) It had a tail chop, which I was planning to reverse and reweld to add luggage for a backcountry trip, but moving out of dual sporting, so not going to happen.

It also has led lights which don't seem to want to be turn signals. I was planning to simply but the stock ones back on when I put the tail back on, so I never got around to fixing that issue.

But lots of goodies, wolfman saddle bags, two brothers full racing exhaust, JD jet kit installed for it, extra jets from kit included. Acerbis 3.7 tank, which also works as radiator protection.

this is the last year of this first generation, so more suspension, lighter, and able to have a kick starter installed.

Dragon Rider Nov 5th 2019 06:31 AM

ok, clean the garage week price drop to $2,300.

RatTrap69 Nov 5th 2019 07:03 PM

Can you tell me more about the tail chop? And the turn signals? They don't work?

Dragon Rider Nov 9th 2019 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by RatTrap69 (Post 59697)
Can you tell me more about the tail chop? And the turn signals? They don't work?

Sorry, didn't see the reply, and for some reason, didn't get any notifications about this thread.

It ended up selling off of craigslist pretty quickly

Guess I should check back more frequently.

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