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May 6th 2016, 11:10 AM   #1
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  Jan 2016
  Des Moines

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2006 Mitsubishi Evolution SE

Hey, All!

I saw that albatrosscafe tossed a car for sale ad up here without any grief, so I thought I'd post mine too since I'd rather deal with y'all than the folk on Craigslist...I think... (all they care about is the damn wing!!!). This is my first time selling a car to the general public and one day in and I'm already HATING it! Anyways...

For Sale: 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution SE
Price: $21,000 *FIRM* (no trades/no shipping)
Color: Graphite Gray
Mileage: 51,223
Title Status: Clean and in hand
Location: Des Moines, Washington
Pictures: EvolutionIXnw's uploaded images - Imgur

For sale is my modded Evo IX. I've owned the car since 10/2010 and there have been three previous owners before myself. I purchased it from Auburn Valley Buick/GMC with approximately 26k miles and have put on 25k since then. It came from the dealership with no records, one key/fob, a newly installed LoJack system (transferable for $99), a modded exhaust (Megan DP/catback) and an upgraded stereo system.

I've done all my oil changes myself every 4k or 1 year, whatever came first (Amsoil 10-40 & Amsoil or Wix filters) and either English Racing, Group 2 Motorsports or A&W Automotive have worked on the car for things beyond my abilities. The following are the mods I've added to the car since I purchased it:

- ACT HD clutch kit, 6-puck sprung disk and an ACT Streetlight flywheel. I was planning on building towards 500HP, but never made it (I blame motorcycles).
- Spoolin Up COP
- Perrin intake
- ETS lower and upper (long route) intercooler piping
- Steel braided brake lines
- Ferodo pads
- Custom Vibrant 3" straight through muffler in the cat position w/bung (to cut down on the freeway drone)
- Manual boost controller (set for 24psi max)
- Rexpeed vortex generator
- Rexpeed Type-C FRP trunk spoiler
- New Diehard battery in December 2015 (2 year warranty)
- English Racing tune by Aaron (347hp @23.81lbs)

A couple additional mods/items that are included with the car (NOT for sale separately):

- Buschur ported/Swaintech coated stock exhaust manifold (used. . .never got around to installing)
- MAP Rev2 SS o2 housing (new. . .never got around to installing)
- Megan test pipe (new)
- Used Dunlop Winter Sport 3D tires with 2-3k miles on them. They've been bagged and stored off rims indoors for a few years now.
- OEM wing, but there is a crack in the underside (looks like someone tried sitting on it or it got karate chopped) and some scratches here and there.
- All of my documentation (receipts/manuals/etc).

Some FYI things about the car.


- 51k miles!!
- SE model with the fancy red stitching. . .ohhh. . ..ahhhh. The aluminum bits are pretty cool too!
- 5-speed without any gear shift or diff clunk issues.
- Passed a recent A&W Automotive leak down test (December): Cyl #1: 149psi, Cyl #2: 150psi, Cyl #3: 149psi, Cyl #4: 150psi
- Quality custom amp and stereo accessory setup built into the doughnut tire cavity in the trunk. Two removable panels, with built in fans, cover everything and provide an extremely solid trunk floor.
- Alpine Bluetooth deck, 6x DynAudio component speakers powered by a Zapco amp and 2x JL W3 10" subs powered by a JL amp.
- Fresh detail inside and out. It's so purdy you almost don't want to take it out of the garage.


- There is an Escort Passport radar detector "Direct Wire Smartcord" already installed. I did not receive a Passport radar detector when I purchased the car and neither will you. It's easily removed, or you can go get a Passport radar detector and you'd be all set for power already.
- The previous head unit in this car was a Clarion VZ709 touchscreen navigation system. The navigation brain lives under the passenger seat and is still there (inactive). The original unit had a touchscreen failure. I really liked the stereo/navigation and had planned on buying one off eBay (they pop up a couple times a year for $300), but got lazy and purchased a new Alpine unit instead. All of the wiring is still there if you want an upgrade to navigation, or if you'd like a weekend removal project (or just leave it there for the next owner).
- The previous owner debadged it, other than the front emblem.


- A previous owner did a shoddy DIY speaker pod install in the front door panels. Car Toys suggested starting over (eBay front door cards = $200 max). Awesome speakers, poor execution.
- I used to live in an apartment with a very steep driveway (picture the Laguna Seca Corkscrew). This means there are some deep scrapes on the underside of the front lip and a small piece of the muffler has been bent flat (can, not tip). Neither affects the function of the car or are that noticeable.
- The undertray is gone. It was already gone by the time I purchased the car. This results in a slightly dirtier engine, but a much easier oil change.
- The trunk lid torsion bars are gone. I assume this was the only way the previous owner could get the subwoofer box they had purchased to fit in the trunk. It's a bit of a nuisance, but it also means that a thief can't pop the trunk from the interior. Easily replaced via eBay or a junk yard.
- There is the remanence of a past alarm system. I never found the head unit, but the antenna is still stuck to the inside/upper corner of the window. I figured this was added fake protection and left it there. A&W said that since everything electrical is working fine and there isn't a power drain to just leave everything alone. That's what I've done.
- Two rims have single instances of curb rash; approximately 1.5" long each.
- It's really time for a suspension upgrade. Not that the car is pushing a ton of power, but the power delivery could be so much better if it wasn't riding on 10 year old OEM suspension bits.
- The timing belt and water pump have not been replaced. This car will be 10 years old in July, so I would do this maintenance soon.

So, why am I selling it? Well, I've owned it for 5.5 years now and have only put 25k on it! I got sucked into motorcycles back in 2013 and have barely driven the car since. I currently have five vehicles and have decided it's time to lighten the insurance load. I was going to sell it back in December, but I gave it one thousand more miles to be sure that I didn't want it anymore. It's a great car, but it's boring compared to my bikes, so now it's on the chopping block!


- Viewings will be done by appointment and at my convenience. We'll likely meet up in a bank parking lot (maybe your bank?), as I don't need strangers from the internet knowing where the car and myself live. Also, banks = cameras, so I don't have to worry so much about you pulling some crazy stuff.
- Test drives will only be provided after either proving that you are pre-approved for financing (I'll take you for a ride to your local branch and they can print it out for me), the ability to pay (another trip to your bank for a balance receipt from the ATM) or if the asking price, in cash, is in front of me. A valid license is also necessary and I will be in the passenger seat during your test drive.
- The car has already received a PPI from A&W Automotive back in December (1k miles ago) and the documentation will be provided for you to review. If you need your mechanic to take a look at the car, the PPI will be scheduled at my convenience and at your expense.
May 6th 2016, 07:00 PM   #2
  Apr 2016
  Naselle, WA

WOW, those door cards. LOL

Beautiful car otherwise.


Wonder if Mitsu will have to pay all the people who bought their cars due to their fictitious MPG claims?

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