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Boatdriver Sep 5th 2018 03:16 PM

542 Mt Baker
So, for those not in the know (such as myself). 542 to Mt Baker has been chip sealed from the snow removal equipment shed to the ski lifts above Heather Meadows. To add to this they are fog sealing as well, which if you have not yet encountered is an oily tar like goo that sticks to pretty much everything. They are applying the stuff quite generously as if there is a lake of it somewhere that they are tapping into. There are areas where it is shut down to one lane and you have to wait for the pilot truck to guide you through the work areas. Above the ski lifts to Artists Point is fine.

mjh937 Sep 5th 2018 08:58 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I was planning on going up there in the next week or two. I guess I will wait until next year.

juanitotheclumsy Sep 6th 2018 06:40 AM

Gotta love chipseal. I have a big, black tar tattoo on my riding pants from fresh, still-smoking chipseal near John Day.

Actionverb Sep 6th 2018 08:09 PM

Thanks as well. Hoping for a ride to the top before the chance is gone.

Jason4 Sep 18th 2018 11:34 AM

The same goo was spread on Chuckanut at both the north and south ends yesterday afternoon, got a lot of tar spray under my fender and a bit on my front header pipe and radiator. :|

Boatdriver Sep 24th 2018 05:44 PM

Mt. Baker Highway is good all the way to Artists Point. Other than some gravel in the hairpins, it was a clear, dry and beautiful ride up to the top!

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