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Bluebirdstreak66 Jul 10th 2018 11:22 AM

Bike Night -7-12 - blue mountain grill
Bike night and ride. Meet at sunset taco bell @ 5:30 kickstand up @ 6ish. Riding to blue mountain grill off highway 9.

Thumperpilot Jul 10th 2018 10:26 PM

Grand idea. I'll be working a bit closer this week.

el jefe Jul 11th 2018 08:52 AM

Sounds good

Boatdriver Jul 11th 2018 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by el jefe (Post 49065)
Sounds good

Ring calling

Thumperpilot Jul 12th 2018 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Boatdriver (Post 49087)
Ring calling

Let someone else pick up the phone!:p

el jefe Jul 12th 2018 07:52 AM

Man, that ain’t right lol

mjh937 Jul 12th 2018 09:30 AM

I am working. Hopefully the next one will work.

DarthVader Jul 12th 2018 09:50 PM

good times....great to see everyone that showed up!:ninja:

el jefe Jul 13th 2018 10:06 AM


Thumperpilot Jul 14th 2018 10:50 PM

That was not lame! :eek:

Some new roads, some epic roads and one person had some squirrelly excitement but kept it on the road...
Thanks to all that showed!


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