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Benjam97 May 10th 2017 08:11 PM

Concours 14
Anyone ride a Kawasaki Concourse 14? I'm looking into picking up a 2010 model. My CBR1100XX sadly will not do for riding 2 up long distance.

Thumperpilot May 10th 2017 09:30 PM

I have a friend who rode the last gen concourse and he traveled extensively with his wife on it. I don't know any with the later model as he switched to a fjr1300.

GPD323 May 11th 2017 03:40 AM

Go here to find your answers, great group.

Concours Owners Group (COG) Forum - Index

ZXtasy May 11th 2017 04:09 AM

Just bought a 2013 a month ago, very reminiscent of my 97 BMW RT as far as riding position and passenger interface. IMHO, it is still on the sporty side of touring, and is not that far removed from a XX with bags and backrest setup properly. It does offer more wind protection/fairing space and a more upright ride. I will ride solo most of the time, I just now can take more stuff with me than on my ZX-10 in 'touring' mode, and will likely carry that hefty load with somewhat less alacrity than on said Zed.

I rented a then new GL-1800 and rode around the dirty south for three days with the better half one that is comfy, fully featured 2 up traveling!

KRUKOV May 11th 2017 08:59 AM

I ride an 09 & love it, awesome machine!
Couple things to note; if riding 2 up your passenger will be way more comfortable if you get the passenger pegs lowering kit (4" lower) from Advanced Sort Touring. Cee Bailey windsheild makes big difference cutting down on wind buffeting. I've found that going to Michelin Pilot Road 4's (not GT's) & replacing the stock rear profile (190/50) and going to a 190/55 made huge improvements! I've logged over 40K mi on several sets of PR4's & in my opinion there is no better tire for that bike You also get the versatility of a remote preload adjuster for the rear which is really nice to dial up or down for carrying your passenger or heavy luggage. Once tuned with PC 5 & pipe their a great all around bike! The c14 is amazingly nimble for it"s size although having a long wheelbase & a lot of heft limits it's capabilities on a tight circiut but you open up those sweepers & give the C14 a little room to stretch her legs I promise she'll put a nice big smile on your face!

Sentinel May 11th 2017 12:23 PM

I bought a new one a few weeks ago.
It's heavy though.
Most comfortable long-distance ride I've had. I also had a Blackbird a few years ago. Totally different deal.
The C14 is sort of a high-speed tourer. Seems to settle-in at right around 78-80 and just sort of hum. Way, way smooth.
If you want passenger peg lowering links and handlebar risers, I've got both. I like the stock position better. My bike came with them, and I took them off.
The OEM tires are meh. With @ 2500 miles my rear has a noticeable flat spot, and the new Angel GT rear is on the way.
The total plastic wraparound fairing makes some maintenance tasks hard. You don't even want to know what it takes to get at the air filter, but it does an excellent job of keeping wind off you.
I am super happy with the purchase.
Just a superb bike.
No cruise control though, but I put one of those little wing thingies on the throttle grip, and it works like magic.
I hear some folks don't like the linked brakes on the pre-'15 models. I barely notice them on my 2015 though. The brakes do a superb job at stopping a heavy bike.
It's just a freaking pleasure to ride.

Longrides May 11th 2017 12:38 PM

Often wonder how they compare to an FJR.

MotoDan May 11th 2017 02:27 PM

You can get all you're questions answered right here, no need to surf other sites. Nobody can match us.

Sentinel May 11th 2017 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by Longrides (Post 35257)
Often wonder how they compare to an FJR.

way, way better.



ZXtasy May 11th 2017 04:41 PM

ANd bar risers, if you get one and want those, I have some to make you a deal on that came with my bike. The LAST thing I want to do on this power house is lean back (but plenty owners do) and stick my legs out front! I may even make a tubular handlebar conversion so I can go a tad lower on the lean forward, but that is just me.

Have ridden BMW RT, FJR, and this bike seems far superior. Plus I have a thing of for big K.

GPD323 May 11th 2017 04:42 PM

This site has nothing the COG won't blow out of the water information wise. I like this forum and have been a member since 2006.

But if you want the real deal, the real answers and want to learn as much as possible about the C14. You have to visit the COG forum. Simple as that.

Google also.

And yes I own a C14.

Rustydust May 11th 2017 06:28 PM

[QUOTE=Sentinel;35264]way, way better.

Now that is certainly a matter of opinion!

Number one riding buddy just sold his 2008 Concours after another trip to the dealer for repairs. This time a leaky radiator. Did not actually sell it but traded it in on a leftover 2016 FJR 1300. Now he cannot get that shit eating grin off his face ever again I dont think.

Benjam97 May 11th 2017 08:28 PM

Thanks for the info! I'm gonna have to track one down for a test ride. The Bird has been an excellent machine. I ride spirited but not hard in the twisties. I'm ok with a heavy bike (the Bird is no feather weight) I do my own work on my bikes so I'm not afraid to strip a fairing down.

Benjam97 May 11th 2017 08:31 PM

That picture in front of the cooling tower is cool! Where is that?

RC65 May 11th 2017 10:20 PM

I just bought a '16 FJR1300, but did take the Concours for a testride and sat on several. My impression was that the Concours is considerably more bulky and heavy-feeling, as compared to the comparatively more trim (and I think more attractive) FJR. Once on the road, they have similar performance qualities, which I suppose is little surprise given their fundamental similarities, but once again I did favor the FJR for rider ergonomics, a slightly more nimble handling characteristic, better features, etc. I will say that the Concours seemed to have a little more initial grunt, but overall the power delivery seemed comparable and the overall difference of little real note.

I think the Concours is a fine bike and I'm sure you'd be pleased with one...I did, however, favor the FJR1300 by a good degree, so I'd suggest at least checking out the model before you make a decision.

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