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dstevens Nov 26th 2018 02:32 PM

Update to Vintage Honda MX 4 stroke build
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I am 90% done with the honda XL rebuild for a vintage mx bike. I posted the start on October 29th.

The rear shocks are on order but have not arrived as yet. The same is true with my down pipe.

The motor is rebuilt and in the frame, minus the carb. We found an airbox that will work and it is currently being modified to fit.

I got the seat redone and added a bit of foam to it to make it a "GP" seat. For a sixty year old, 6ft 2 guy having a taller seat helps between sitting and standing.

The handle bars are GP bend with a 2 inch bar riser.

I went with Michelin Star Cross's for the tires.

Nathan Nov 28th 2018 07:34 AM

Looks great!! Good job on the hubs too. I'm starting restoration on 30yr old hubs and see lots of sanding in my future lol

looking forward to seeing it with the rear shocks and downpipe! Thumbs up!

TREX600 Nov 28th 2018 08:04 AM


bcj Nov 28th 2018 08:15 AM

The Hammerite rims are interesting as well.


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