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dstevens Mar 1st 2018 03:35 PM

Pacific Northwest Vintage MX 2018 Season
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Our race team is just finishing bike prep(s) for the 2018 vintage mx race season. The first race is the Racer X Boise Inter Am April 14th and 15th. A couple of have built new bikes this year.

I purchased a roller 1973 Suzuki TM 250 for $150.00. It came with frame, front forks, a decent gas tank, trashed rear shocks. I found a 1973 TM 250 motor and we started to work. A total rebuild of the bike in including the motor. For this one, I wanted to replicate (in spirit at least) Joel Robert's 1973 TM 250 Works Bike. Images are below, with a pic of Robert's works bike. I am just waiting on the seat. I will have it this Friday.

Next Up - Mike Allen won the world CZ Hodaka championships in 2017 at Hangtown on a built Hodaka 175. This year he wanted to put together a 1976 Hodaka Thunderdog. I believe this is the most tricked out Thunderdog you will find. It is stock Hodaka Frame with a custom swing arm and cantilevered shocks (and a Husqvarna tank). Images attached.

sunofnun Mar 1st 2018 03:55 PM

nice work, super cool builds.. how does that TM sound?

ZXtasy Mar 2nd 2018 03:44 AM

Cool, say hi to Lance Cornell down there in Boise. Cosmic Racing. That Hodaka is cool, I have been a fan since going to the 50th Hodaka Days in Athena and hope to be there again this year. Thanks for the post.

dstevens Mar 2nd 2018 09:11 AM


The TM sounds sweet. It started the second kick and set there idling like it had been started 100 times before. It is running a little rich so we have a little jetting to do.


I will for sure say hi to Lance. Lance and I have been friends for some time. We did a lot of dealership work together when I owned the Suzuki dealership in Spokane and he had the Moses Lake dealership.

bsbiker Mar 2nd 2018 10:34 AM

Wow, that Suzuki is awesome. Hope it rides as good as it looks!

dstevens Mar 2nd 2018 11:20 AM

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Me too. So far it has been up and down the street about 100 yards each way.

But it shifted through all five gears really smoothly. If it would quit snowing, I would get it on some dirt and see how it handles.

There is six weeks before Boise. It will get some time in the dirt before then.

If it doesn't run very well, I can always ride my Husky.

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