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WarpShatner7 Jun 30th 2017 10:58 AM

The Big Moto Adventure
Bumped into this guy in front of See See's Motor Coffee the other day, he was backing his bike in as I was pulling on my gloves to leave. I stopped to compliment him on how dirty his R Nine T scrambler was, and also ask him about his Roof helmet since you don't see many of them over here. He was passing through on this ride:


Facebook version, for those who do that:

Really, really nice guy.

It's cool and all, but that trip is getting almost too commonplace to be promoting that hard unless you're doing it for charity or something. I bumped into a retiree a few weeks ago in front of Trader Joe's who made the same run on a GS last summer. So that's two accidental encounters within a month just in front of businesses within a half mile of each other. Though being on a boxer does kind of raise the odds of that happening.

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