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PeteN95 Apr 5th 2017 05:14 AM

New Hybrid 2WD R1200GS!
With a 45HP electric hub motor in the front wheel, this hybrid 2WD R1200GS has a total of 170HP! Because the regeneration braking allows removal of one front brake, it weighs no more than a stock GS!

BMW R1200GS gets a 170-horsepower hybrid 2WD system

Scribbles Apr 5th 2017 05:29 AM

From the original article.. (released April 1st)

This bike will get you anywhere, on any surface - even to the North pole.
The most extreme demands were placed on the bike last winter, when Reiner Scherbeck, the head of winter testing at BMW Motorrad, rode it to the North Cape on a first stage and from there across the frozen Barents Sea to the North Pole and back again.

Tripledij Apr 5th 2017 07:08 AM

Author's note: This was indeed an April Fool's Joke - the first I've fallen for in 9 years and 364 days working for Gizmag/New Atlas.

HalcyonSon Apr 5th 2017 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by Tripledij (Post 33639)
Author's note: This was indeed an April Fool's Joke - the first I've fallen for in 9 years and 364 days working for Gizmag/New Atlas.

If it weren't an April Fools joke, this thing would be the mother of all electrical engineering miracles ;)


This intelligent combined solution also made it possible to reduce the conventional double-disc hydraulic braking system at the front to a single-disc brake system thereby saving approximately 2.9 kilograms of weight. In combination with the wheel hub e-Drive, which only weighs 880 grams, the bike’s agility was also optimized. Thanks to the bike’s positive weight balance, the weight level of the current R 1200 GS Adventure could be maintained in spite of the additional hybrid all-wheel technology.
I'd love to see a 45 HP electric motor that weighed as little as a brake disc and caliper. The article states 880 grams (1.94 lb), but a typical 50 HP (45 is non-standard) motor weighs about as much as the entire bike. The motor in the link below weighs 467 lb and is nearly as large as the bike. You can ditch the cast-iron frame, lighten the rotor, shrink the windings, water cool, etc., but there is no way to get it down to 1.94 lb. The IOM TT-Zero bikes weigh over 500 lb, and that's without an IC engine.

In addition to the motor weight, there's the issue of feeding it. Another 45 HP means a much larger alternator hanging off the engine, plus batteries, plus heavy duty wiring, plus a motor controller. All of that adds size and weight.

Even more fun is that the pictures don't show an actual motor in the front wheel. No matter how light you dream it, 45 HP is still a big package - as big as the entire wheel. Just check out the Mugen-Shinden entry below. That lump between the footpegs is the motor, and it's already an engineering miracle. Many early TT-Zero motors burned out before they finished the race.


PeteN95 Apr 6th 2017 02:24 PM

Oh well, they got me. It is a great idea still.

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